How to Advertise on Google for Free – Step By Step Guide

Figuring out how to advertise on Google for free can be pretty daunting.

For Australian businesses looking to dive into digital marketing, making an initial investment can often be a scary first step.

Business owners are uncertain whether their investment is going to have any significant effect or return any business and it’s often hard to pull the trigger while resources and your business’ budget are still towards the tight end.

Google AdWords Calculator: How Much Revenue Can You Make?

What is Adwords and PPC?

If you’re looking to advertise on Google for free, you’re going to have to familiarise yourself with how to use Adwords.

Adwords is Google’s platform for placing ads on relevant search results pages and the most widely used form of PPC advertising.

PPC is used in order to access targeted audiences who might have a high chance of converting into a paying customer for your business.

Learn more about PPC Advertising, Adwords and how to advertise on Google for free in our guide to Google Adwords: Why PPC is important for your business.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could test out Adwords’ platform to assess the effectiveness of both your first ever campaign, website sales pipeline and whether you’re accurately reaching your ideal users with the ad?

Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what Adwords offers if you’re in the know.

How to Advertise on Google for Free with $100 Adwords Credit

We’ve got an insider tip for local businesses interested in learning how to advertise on Google for free or in testing out how to run an Adwords campaign.

One of Google Adwords’ own marketing strategies is to advertise through a number of sponsorships with other brands and websites by allowing them to generate voucher codes worth $100 of credit on Adwords to give to their customers.

how to advertise on google for free in Australia

You must spend $25 on Adwords to access this credit which is only available to new users as a one-off deal but regardless, this is a great value opportunity, which you should definitely take advantage of which gives virtually anyone the ability to advertise on Google for free in their first ever campaign.

This initial $100 worth of credit can come in really handy while your website waits for the longer term effects of SEO, content marketing and other digital marketing techniques to begin kicking in and improving your online visibility through organic (non-paid) efforts.

It will allow an immediate occupation of any desired search result page and will get the ball rolling in terms of lifting your brand’s awareness digitally.

Here are a number of businesses who offer this coupon Adwords spend:

  1. Squarespace (
  2. Shopify (
  3. American Express (
  4. WordPress (

Businesses and websites also have the option of becoming an affiliate of Adwords and generating their own link to provide this offer to their clients.

Take advantage of this and set up your own Adwords credit offer on your own website to capitalise off back-linking out to the already heavily established Google Adwords Website.

Set Up Your Own Adwords Account and Making Your First Campaign

An Adwords account is relatively simple to get set up on, however, creating you’re first ever campaign starts to get a bit more complex.

The effectiveness of your first ever self-generated Adwords campaign with little to no experience will undoubtedly return varied and potentially disappointing results.

Coupons can also only be used on new accounts, one per account, and they do not work with invoicing or manager-defined spend and expire after a single use.

Use the Credit Yourself, At Your Own Risk

Despite now knowing how to advertise on Google for free, it’s generally not a great idea setting up your first ever Adwords campaign if you don’t have a great deal of digital marketing experience.

Making sure you’re hitting the most ideal keyword search phrases and thus your ad ending up on the right pages and being seen by the right people is key to optimise your campaign’s success and make the most of your free Adwords credit.

These users can be identified through more structured and drawn out Keyword research and other forms of preliminary SEO.

Consider Some Expert Assistance

If you’re looking for a bit of insight into how and where to advertise your business online, then some professional assistance might be just right for you.

Opting to let the experts handle setting up your Adwords account for you and creating your first campaign is an excellent way to ensure you are getting the full value out of your initial free advertising credit.

What’s more, your total investment into your first ad campaign will ultimately be reduced due to the free advertising credit, allowing you to spend those resources on gaining quality insight and expertise so all that free value finds its mark.

Although its free, this credit allows for a valuable learning opportunity for your business to be able to assess the efficacy of your own sales and marketing systems that should not be clumsily wasted by not knowing what your doing on the platform.

Summit Web is able to provide a comprehensive and transparent outline of how to effectively operate and manage your spend on Adwords and able to optimise your free advertising campaign.

Google AdWords Calculator: How Much Revenue Can You Make?

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