5 Reasons Why Google AdWords Works For Australian Businesses

Wondering how does Google Adwords works or what it even is?

Fear not. Allow us to break it down for you.

Most Australian businesses now recognise that being seen on Google is one of the best ways to grow any business.

According to a recent Google article, 9 out of 10 Australian businesses who advertise online, want their customers to engage through calling, visiting or making a purchase. The question is how to achieve this?

Google AdWords Calculator: How Much Revenue Can You Make?

Many businesses are beginning to become aware of Google Adwords which facilitates this process in an effective digital platform which has been radically transforming the online advertising landscape for over a decade now.

This is because small to medium sized Australian businesses can’t always wait for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and other digital marketing campaigns to take effect, which is when you may need to turn to this revolutionary piece of Google tech.

So how does Google Adwords Work?

If you want to know how Google Adwords works then you’ve come to the right place.

Google Adwords is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising (https://farotech.com/blog/how-does-ppc-work-a-beginners-guide-to-pay-per-click/ ) platform offered by Google which enables businesses to bid over specific keyword phrases commonly searched for in Google by a business’ target market looking for a relevant product or service.

Depending on the competitiveness of the search term, businesses are able to have ads displayed as paid search results which appear at the top of the search results typically above the first few organic results.

These ads are then seen by whoever performs a relevant query and businesses are billed depending on individual engagements with the ad rather than what is common in traditional advertising where paying for an ad’s duration is the norm, regardless of who sees or engages with it.

Here’s a great 4 min explanation from Ryan Masters on how to figure out how Google Adwords works.


Why is Adwords Needed?

If you’re a small to medium size Australian business that’s recently invested in digital marketing, then chances are you are going to want results as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, organic digital marketing practices such as SEO and Content Marketing, (https://summitweb.com.au/content-marketing-perth-part-2/ ) which don’t require financing, often take a while to get going and begin bearing fruit.

This is why having access to a paid alternative to getting seen more prominently in a search engine’s results page is key for any Australian business establishing itself online and building wealth.

An AddWords ad is one of the best ways to put your products or services in front of the right audience and at the right time and thus effectively enhancing your business’ digital profile but you’re going to need to be able operate and understand how Google Adwords works before you can set up your first effective ad campaign.

Reasons Why Adwords is effective:

Adwords provides an effective, way for Australian businesses to access the top of search engine results and occupy this competitive digital space to increase their visibility online through a quick and simple approach.

Increased Web Traffic
Placing the right ad where it is seen online by people looking for similar services is inevitably going to increase the flow of traffic through to your website as you become able to occupy the prime realestate of a search engine’s results page.

A greater influx of traffic to your site certainly does wonders for your business’ SEO and its overall ranking in search engine results as it informs Google your page is providing visitors with some valuable content.

Of course, things like bounce rate and whether you’re able to hold users attention long enough on your website to prevent them leaving in a hurry can be triggered by difficulty navigating, load speeds, too much or too little information and lack of mobile phone viewing optimisation.

Here are some more factors which might affect your bounce rate in an article by Gonzo Blog. (http://www.gonzoblog.nl/2011/06/01/10-factors-that-affect-your-bounce-rate/)

Making sure all of these factors are on point is key to grasping how Google Adwords works so you’re able to effectively convert increased web traffic into increased sales on your business’ website.

For example, a solar installation company like LB Solar in Perth can easily use different paid web traffic methods to boost leads and sales to their solar panels and batteries.

High Quality Leads

When you’re advertising your business online, the flexibility of most digital marketing techniques allows for a high degree of specificity when it comes to who to target with our ad.

Ideally, Australian businesses want to target high quality users through their advertisement.

A high quality user is someone searching online for relevant products or services that match those offered by your business.

These are people found online that are the most likely to convert and become a customer for your business.

They are also typically nearby and local to your business and are looking for convenience in their own search by not having to travel great distances or deal with people from a different geographical location.

High quality users are also identified through longer chain keyword search queries entered into Google.

The longer and more specific that a user’s search term is, the further along the buying process they are and the more likely they’ll be to fully convert within your sales pipeline.

Imagine you are a phone retailer online and two users are searching for a new iPhone to buy online.

User A searches ‘buy iPhone’ and knows they want a new iPhone.

Despite knowing they need a new iPhone, User A’s search phrase suggests they are not yet ready to make an actual purchase.

Instead of targeting User A, an online phone business would have a way higher chance of converting someone searching for a more specific keyword phrase. Ie. ‘buy iPhone X 32gb white Perth’.

With this longer chain phrase, we can see that the user has identified the make, model, size and colour of his iPhone, suggesting he is literally ready to make the purchase and no further research is required.

Google Adwords lets us target such high quality leads through placing our advert on longer more specified search terms.


This means not only is a greater level of traffic visiting your website but that a higher number of those visitors are now converting into customers.


Easily Measurable

One of the most valuable features of Adwords and other digital marketing practices is the ability for advertisers to measure, track and analyse their campaigns.

This tracking allows businesses to successfully gage if and how a Google Adwords Campaign works or not and at which point it might be inefficient.

The transparency of digital marketing and what’s offered to businesses through platforms like Google Analytics and Adwords is pretty remarkable, allowing for simple refinement to a business’ marketing strategies after you get to see exactly what works and what doesn’t.

You get to explore a number of different metrics to judge the success of your ad including the number of clicks, impressions, conversions, click through rates, cost per clicks and cost per acquisition.

Here are the 10 most important Adwords Metrics according to DataBox. (https://databox.com/most-important-google-adwords-metrics)

High ROI

From being able to effectively manage and analyse your Adwords campaigns, Australian businesses can tweak and refine details which might be negatively affecting their connection to high quality leads and their ultimate conversion.


Advertisers can expect much faster return on investment (https://www.investopedia.com/terms/r/returnoninvestment.asp) (ROI) from PPC advertising and using Adwords than should be initially expected with other approaches like SEO.

This means Australian businesses are able to quickly and efficiently see what is working in terms of converting their audiences into customers and what needs to be altered to make this more effective.

The lessons learned early during a short Adwords campaign can then be rolled out in the longer term SEO and content marketing efforts after being tried and tested with your ideal target market.

Brand Awareness

Last but not least comes the importance of brand awareness when Australian businesses are looking to expand into the digital landscape.

Solidifying your digital brand presence is a pretty daunting task for most small to medium sized Australian businesses, especially if they have little experience navigating the digital business landscape.

However, having a solid understanding of how Google Adwords works can help you to secure a rapid online presence in no time at all.

A critical component of raising your visibility online is simply to occupy a number of digital spaces you think your ideal target audience might be frequenting.

In addition to social media platforms used by your audience, occupying search engine result pages can work towards lifting your brands’ profile in your target market’s eyes.


Businesses can use this strategy to become a digital imperialist of sorts by flooding a particular online space in order to secure an initial foothold and presence on the results page and even to drown out a competitor’s listing!

Ultimately, it’s these key reasons which make Google Adwords and PPC advertising an important strategy to consider in growing your Australian business online.

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Google AdWords Calculator: How Much Revenue Can You Make?

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