Jobs now. Pay later.

A new way businesses can generate first time customers without paying for marketing upfront.

Now open to selected Australian Business.

Phone calls and customer enquiries specific to your business. You only pay after you have received the lead.

Step 1

Free trial of exclusive leads. New customers, no risk. Direct to your phone number.

Step 2

Choose how many leads you want per week. Flexible and long term options are available.  

Step 3

Receive consistent weekly leads. Only pay for the leads you receive. Dispute options avaliable. 

Flexibility and Control.

There are no smoke and mirrors, no confusing jargon and no farming your lead out to multiple businesses.

You have 24/7 access to our platform that records all phone calls and contact form enquiries.

If a call is not a genuine lead, one-click dispute it and you won’t pay.

Focus on what you do best.

The only company that exclusively provides guaranteed phone calls and customer enquires.

Forget wasting thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns that do not guarantee you new customers or increased revenue.

We handle all the stress of marketing, so you can focus on what you do best.

Apply now to see if your business is a fit for our exclusive leads program.

Industries we deal with.

We can provide leads for companies in the following industries. 

Garage Repair



Tattoo Removal

Ceiling Repair

Window Installation

Turn Marketing Headaches Into Happiness.

We send you phone calls and customer enquiries specific to your business. You only pay after you have received the enquiry.

Only Pay For Results

Rather than you having to invest in the potential to generate leads (SEO, AdWords etc) with no guarantee of results, we maintain and invest in a collection of online assets and simply provide you qualified leads, at a fixed price per lead. You only pay for the leads you received.

Calls Only For You

You will never compete for leads against other parties. When a phone call or web enquiry is received, it goes directly to you and only you. All leads are pre-qualified in that they are actively looking for the service(s) you provide and are in a position to buy..

Full Control Of Leads

We don’t charge for spam or irrelevant leads, which is why we give you the ability to dispute leads quickly through our secure online portal. If a lead comes through that your business can’t service, simply click one button to dispute it and not pay. 

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