5 Ways to Generate Leads using Adwords without an Agency

Are you looking for new ways to generate leads online for your Perth Business?

Advertising online through PPC can be an incredibly effective tool to begin expanding your business’ digital presence or in occupying particular digital spaces where potential customers are likely to be frequenting.

In an incredible article on surprising PPC advertising statistics by Sitewit, businesses looking for ways to generate leads who invest using Adwords, typically make a $2 dollar return for every dollar invested in this advertising platform offered by Google.

Google AdWords Calculator: How Much Revenue Can You Make?

The statistics sited in the piece also point out that the top three paid ad posts on each Google search result page receive 41 per cent of the clicks, also showing just how valuable it can be to occupy one of these positions with your ad.

So you understand the value of investing in PPC, but how do you get started and what are some certain methods to make sure all the time you invest goes towards sure ways to generate leads online.

Adwords Experts Perth discuss how to get ROI correctly

Getting the hang of a PPC platform like Adwords is also a great way to save on paying a digital marketing agency to do it for you but it’s going to require some extra work on your end!

To help you get started, Summit Web has put together 5 key ways to generate leads for business owners using Adwords and without the help of an agency. So whether you’re building Perth’s best customised home or selling furniture to some of the city’s leading commercial venues strap your self in for a short burst of incredibly useful Adwords information. 

1. Find Your Keywords

This is the first step for any business looking to learn how to effectively begin using Adwords and new ways to generate leads.

Knowing the best keywords to target is one of the most effective ways to generate leads online for your business.

A screenshot of a Keyword planner used by Adwords Services Perth

Keywords are the terms which your ideal target market will be using to search for products and services like your own on Google.

By identifying the most specific keywords possible to match your brand, products and services, you’re able to focus your efforts and spend towards higher quality users who are hopefully closer to making a purchase decision and more likely to convert into customers when they receive your ad.

  • To identify your business’ ideal keywords, start off by trying to identify your main ten keyword phrases and match one to each of your website’s pages, products, services and brand.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of your target market if they were searching for a particular service or product you offer what would they type?
  • You can also check the suggestions for similar searches at the bottom of the Google results page.
  • Once you have a rough idea of some of your keywords, there are a number of free online keyword research tools to help you narrow in on optimum ones.


Google’s Keyword Planner is ideal to use as it syncs up beautifully with Google’s Adwords and provides estimated bidding prices for particular keywords you explore on the platform, depending on the competitiveness of a particular search phrase and the industry around it.

Check out this fantastic resource by Quicksprout on how to navigate and use Google’s Keyword Planner Tool as a super effective way to generate leads.

2. Optimise Quality Scores of Your Keywords

Once you think you’ve identified some pretty killer keywords for your business the next step will be to assess their effectiveness and the return on investment (ROI) you’ll get based on a calculated cost-per-click (CPC), which is how you will be charged for your Adwords advert.

Your keyword’s quality scores are vital as Google tends to reward higher quality keywords through this scoring system by returning lower CPC and higher ranked ad positions.

Improving your quality score is one of the fastest and most effective ways to generate new leads using Google Adwords.

How to Find Your Quality Score:

  • Sign up and log in to Adwords
  • Hit the ‘Campaigns’ tab at the top of the page
  • Hit the ‘Keywords tab’
  • Click the white speech bubble next to your keywords’ status to see Quality score info

Your current Quality Score can be found with 4 Quality Score status columns inside of Adwords: Quality Score, Landing Page experience, Ad Relevance, and Expected Clickthrough Rate (CTR).

Ed Leake has a fantastic video on Quality Score Hacking which will teach you everything you need to know to excel with your Adwords advert without the need for a marketing agency or firm.

The infographic by Wordstream  points out the advantages of a high-quality keyword score where Advertiser I returns the cheapest Cost-Per-Click after only needing to invest the smallest amount of money because the keywords are efficient and are going to be highly effective in reaching their market.

adwords quality score image

3. Outsmart your Competitors’ Ads

Identifying new ways to generate leads online isn’t an isolated process and its important to be constantly keeping an eye on your competition.

It’s one thing to come up with some killer keywords, but having the upper hand over your competitors who may also be advertising on similar search phrases means you’re going to have to do some snooping!

  • Who are your top competitors in the real world and digitally?
  • Which competitors keep popping up in your search results when you’re entering your identified keywords and what are they doing\saying in their ads?

SpyFu is a clever little online tool you can use to spy on your competitors’ best performing keywords.

You’ll get a bunch of useful information relating to their paid Google listings and those they’re ranking for organically (for free via good SEO).

You can use SpyFu to check out your competitor’s best performing keywords, for both organic listings and paid ads.

4. Mobile Optimised

More searches are being conducted on mobile devices these days and more and more of our time spent online is shifting away from desktop devices and into our hands.

In the search for new ways to generate leads digitally, its critical that consideration towards mobile optimization isn’t forgotten.

The statistics cited earlier from Sitwit also pointed out mobile devices account for 52 per cent of paid online search clicks.

In addition to this, 70 per cent of mobile searchers call a business directly from their online search.

Taking into account these two fundamental stats, it’s important, if you’re looking to make a start with Adwords to also consider those clients who will view your ad via their mobile phone.

Make sure you look at optimising your ad for mobile while it’s in development to save time retweaking things once they’re complete.

Mobile users are also far easier to convert as a new way to generate leads through PPC advertising due to the intimacy that a phone provides and the ability for it to fast track a user through a sales pipeline straight to calling a business for further information.

Take advantage of the click-to-call feature found in most mobile web browsers that allow for more simple yet effective ad campaigns.

Some things to watch out for when making a mobile optimised ad:

  1. Keep it short and simple: Don’t feel the need to use the full amount of space provided which will be viewable on desktops. Remember significantly less text will be easily readable on mobile and get straight to the point. This means keeping your headline and text copy as clear and concise as possible.
  2. Don’t cross streams: It might be that your best approach will be to create two versions of the same ad, which are both optimised for different viewing platform experiences. While you create one simplified mobile ad with a call to action, connecting them to your business over phone line, you can add a little extra text and info into your second ad for desktop, aimed towards your business’ landing page and thus through your sales pipeline.
  3. Mobile-friendly Page: Remember that your actual website must also be set up and optimised for mobile to not stop your lead dead in their tracks if formatting appears mixed up or load times take too long.

5. Good SEO -Setting up a Google-friendly Website

Making sure your website which will be receiving traffic from your Adwords ad is also set up and optimised to maximise your chances of collecting and converting leads through incoming traffic.

This is achieved through Search Engine Optimising your website.

In other words, this process involves updating, correcting and improving a number of potential issues with a page that could potentially hurt its online visibility your site’s ability to generate leads.

SEO is a two-pronged focus trying to make the experience of visiting a website as effective, efficient and valuable as possible for both human leads and Google’s crawling robots which visit websites continuously to assess where they belong in results pages.

Keeping both parties happy can often be tricky work.

Here are some basic tips to increase the number of ways to generate leads from an Adwords campaign on your website by improving your SEO;

  • Make sure the landing page which the ad is linking through to is very relevant to your ad and your keyword
  • Provide useful and valuable information and content related to what you’re advertising on your landing page so users don’t have to go looking for it once they’ve visited your site
  • What’s something unique you offer which your competitors may not? A little something extra and unique can go along way in locking down those leads
  • Your contact info should be front and centre at the top and bottom of your landing page so it can’t be missed. This should include a phone number always even if you don’t want to list your own personal number.
  • Clearly, state what it is that your business does on your ad’s landing page
  • Don’t annoy people at this stage once you’ve just grabbed their attention by the use of pop ups as soon as they arrive on your page
  • Make sure your landing page’s loading time is quick. This means optimising and compressing large images so your bounce rate doesn’t go nuts with people giving up and leaving before the page fully loads all of its content. Check out PageSpeed Insights https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ to check your landing page’s speed.
  • Other generic SEO issues such as broken links will hurt your ability to generate leads from your Adwords campaign. Try using a free online SEO site analysis tool such as SEO Optimer  to try and identify and correct any additional SEO errors.


Is It Worth Doing it Alone?

PPC advertising on Google Adwords is without question, one of the most effective ways to generate leads for your business.

However, for many business owners who are already stretched for time and occupied with day to day tasks involved in operating their business, finding the time to get your head around completely new digital marketing practices and jargon can be next to impossible.

You might be better off, letting the professionals do the work for you to make sure you’re getting your maximum ROI for your investment so you can trust that the work is in safer hands.

If you’re looking for advice from the best Adwords Agency in Perth, then you have come to the right place.

Summit Web can help you to create the best Google advertising campaign for your business or simply point you in the right direction.

Google AdWords Calculator: How Much Revenue Can You Make?

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