The 4 Keys to Choosing the Right Adwords Agency.

In these days of digital enterprise, pretty much anyone with a computer and a decent internet connection can get into the world of online marketing and start their own makeshift Adwords Agency.

And even in a microcosm like Perth, there are a myriad of digital marketing companies offering what appear to be the same Adwords services. For many businesses, this it’s a case of overload.


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What’s worse? The low barriers to entry means that there are a lot of cowboys that know less about running successful campaigns than they’re clients – which can lead to a distrust of Pay Per Click (and digital marketing) agencies in general.


“Even if a deal looks good on paper […] a cheaper fee or glossy list of credentials is going to lose its shine very quickly.” – Anthony Coraggio,

how to choose the right adwords agency in Perth, Western Australia


Which is terrible since Adwords is one of the BEST ways that a business can generate quick, easy and substantial revenue.


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Realising this, our team of Perth Adwords specialists have put together a must-have list for businesses. Here are 4 sure-fire ways to know instantly if your future (or current) digital marketing company or Adwords Agency is really going to boost your profits online, or whether it’s best to re-think your investment partner.


1. Is the adwords agency investing in themselves?


best google adwords agency for a good return on ROI in Perth, Western Australia


Of all the ways to tell a results driven Adwords agency, this is by far the easiest factor to overlook.

Why? Because an agency that is investing heavily in itself and its technology provides you with..

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3 VERY important keystones to success:


1. You’re PPC campaign is going to be driven with the latest technology.

2. You’re agency is actively adapting and learning (which means you’re going to get the most up-to-date strategies from people that care about the industry).

3. You’re agency is committed to the future.

All these points are essential to run a profitable Adwords campaign.


“There’s something about learning to make your Google campaign profitable using your own money that makes you get smart faster than anything else.” – Perry Marshall,


Of course, for business owners without professional marketing experience it’s difficult to tell if a potential agency is making these investments. So to make it easier for you, here are some


Telltale signs to look out for:


They’re site – It not only looks good, but shows signs of investment and innovation (ie. gamification, a chat service, a well updated blog).

They’re Google Partners – Investing in training is a major sign of a reputable agency, and there’s no better training than that provided by Google. The best AdWords management companies in Perth will have this logo on their website.

They’re using quality reporting software (like Agency Analytics) – This shows careful organisation and record keeping, essential in a PPC campaign.

They’re using the service themselves – PPC Agencies not investing in Adwords themselves should be an instant redflag.


Still not sure?

In addition to the above, try taking the time to read a blog or two on the latest Adwords updates, make a few notes and ask questions to your potential agency – if they look nervous (or dumbfounded) you may want to start heading for the door.


2. Do they take the time to research your industry?


A man compares the best way to market his locally optimised SEO content in Perth. best ppc management companies


Claims of PPC omnipotence without providing significantly detailed research is one of the major signs of a cowboy agency. Basically, people that claim to do ‘everything’, are often great at nothing – except wasting your hard earned cash.


How can you tell?


One simple question to ask is: How well does your agency understand MY BUSINESS and MY NICHE?

If this is a difficult question to answer this may be an instant red flag.

To make it easier, here are..


3 Signs of a Well Researched Campaign:


1. Taking time to talk about your business – Before the campaign begins an agency should devote time to you and your business (and I mean AFTER the sales process). You should feel comfortable that they understand.

2. They provide reports before the campaign – A successful campaign needs to be based on solid research. The best pay per click management companies agency will provide you with a with a well structured report, including personalised keyword and competitor research.

3. They provide suggestions – Suggestions prove that the agency understands your industry to a such a degree that they can take advantage of gaps in your market, buyer behaviour, competitor emulation and PPC trends.

For example: One of our clients offer a premium bore water drilling & installation service – which great for the summer. However during the winter we found that the market dries (pardon the pun) up completely. So we did research and found that the best thing to do during this down time was actually reduce the ad spend and focus on brand awareness.  This way when Spring came around they would already be ahead of their competitors. Sure we took a pay cut BUT it was the strategy that worked best for that niche. 

Of course to provide all of these key points proves your agency is well organised and invested in your business – which are core essentials to a profitable campaign. But, they’re still not going to succeed unless your agency is…


3.Open and Transparent (and Contactable).


The absolute lynchpin of an exceptional Adwords agency.

How an agency provides you with information throughout your campaign will determine all you need to know about them.

A lot of agencies are great upfront: they hire sweet talking salespeople, have a suave looking site, knock you out with logos and figures – and as soon as the payment is in and the campaign is underway, they disappear.

This vanishing act (‘Ghosting as we call it) is a major pain-point we’ve encountered from a lot of Perth businesses. And one thing that you as a business should never except.

You are a business and you should be kept informed as how your cash is being spent. Not sure what you should be expecting?


Here’s a list of things that your Adwords agency should be providing:


1. Easy access to information – You should be able to get all the information you want when you need it. That means access to live campaign figures on demand – not having to go through mess around emails. If your agency is not able to provide you with this information, start shopping around.

2. A single point of contact – Does your agency provide a dedicated Account Manager? Someone you feel comfortable contacting? Does this person talk to you in a language you understand? Do they know your business? Do you trust them? If the answer to any of these questions is NO, you need to be asking ‘why?’.

3. Regular and consistent updates – How often is your agency in contact? At Summit Web our Digital Marketing Coaches provide weekly campaign updates, as well as in depth monthly reports. We feel that this should be a norm in the PPC field.

Providing weekly reports also means that we give our clients ALL information, not just the stats that look good. If there’s an inconsistency – we explain it and how we’re making improvements for the coming week. This level of honesty and transparency creates trust and strong investment relationships. So make sure you consider it when choosing the right Adwords agency for your business.


4. A proven track record.


best pay per click management companies in Western Australia


Of course, there is no point providing all of the above without a track record of results. That’s why a proven history of driving leads, sales and profits for business should be a non-negotiable when looking for the best ppc management companies in Perth.

Not only does it prove that they can deliver the service that you need for your business, it shows that they are success focused – instead of simply being in it for the pay.

“Ask an agency questions like: what’s your average ROI? What can I expect and why?” – Thomas Buhner, CEO Periscopix Marketing UK.


Wrapping Up


And that’s it! Our top 4 keys to finding the right Adwords agency for your business. Of course if you’re still left wondering, or there’s something here that’s got you thinking, feel free to give us a shout. Our door’s always open to providing businesses here in Perth with any information we can to help you succeed online.


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