Perth Bucket List: Reasons To Visit This Beautiful City

Carnivals’ zest, carefree vibes, natural and man-made wonders have all joined hands to make Perth the most lively and classy holiday destination spot in the world. The much-discussed places of interest are the Swan Valley, Perth’s art galleries, museums, seaside pubs-clubs and of course the wine farms. Are you aware of its beaches? Take a quick glimpse of the beaches residing here.

Cottesloe beach:

It is one of the most famous of all West Australian beaches. The crystal clear azure water, surrounded by clean coastline and smooth lawns invites peoples’ attention. It is also the ideal beach for swim, snorkel or surf. Buzzing with pubs and cafes, the coast will surely infuse refreshment in your blood.

City Beach:

The place is perfect for you tranquil mood. The lovely quiet beach offers fishing or an afternoon bodyboarding. Board on an air cushion on the calm water and soak in vitamin D all day.

Trigg coastline:

If you are more into surfing, Trigg will cater to your need. The place has shifting sandbanks on rocky outcrops which creates powerful surf and big waves.

Mettams Pool:

This deviation from the list of beaches to pools has been introduced to amuse kids. Novice swimmers and children will love to snorkel and paddle in the tranquil waters of the pool. The place can be found in between Trigg coastline and Sorrento Beach.

Scarborough beach:

The place is hit favourite among young adults and teens for its sassy nightlife in the seashore. The pluming up of clubs and pubs makes the place an entertainment hub. Besides, the historic town down the coastline and Snake Pits speak of the retro charm. There are many hotel Scarborough beach Perth which offers an absolute sea view from the private rooms. Romantic couples can shell in the luxury rooms while breathing in the oceanic beauty.

The Basin:

Located at Rottnest Island, the place is perfect for snorkelers and swimmers of all ages. The clear turquoise lagoon is treasured with colourful fishes and cute sea creatures.

But the list doesn’t end here. A popular set of festivals and gala time surrounds the place all around the year. So, any time of the year you visit, you will surely encounter either of the famous vibrant festivals. Settle in a nice place like hotel Scarborough beach Perth and start moving on with the festivity. Have a glimpse upon these small celebratory bites.

Live Lighter Swan Annual show:

This is a great community event takes place in the month of November, where a wide range of exhibitions, competitions and shows demonstrates the talents of the local folks who are basically the community members.

Fremantle Festival:

This is the longest running carnival in Australia which has stepped in its 112th year of celebration. The Children Fiesta; Norfolk Lanes events; Black Box Theater; Wardarnji Cultural Festival; The Town Hall Program; Sea Food Festival; Blessing of the Fleet and Fremantle Street Parade calls perfect end to the festival.

There are many more carnivals in the bag. Jazz up life and relive souls in the land of Perth.

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