Here Are 5 major Lands Marks in Perth, WA

There is nothing quite like the natural beauty envisaged in Perth. The city in the sun is endowed with rich culture and history that is as beautiful as its colorful landscape. The sparkling winding Swan River with pearly beaches provides incredible view and amazing relaxing place for outdoor enthusiasts. Yet there is more that you can enjoy in this wonderful city of Western Australia.

Here are 5 major lands marks in Perth

1. King Park and Botanic Garden

The graceful and gentle Swan River seamlessly blends with King Park and Botanical garden to form one of the most spectacular places on earth. Simply put, it is a paradise of peace situated next to the city. Besides, the 1,000 acre park is not only the largest inner-city park in Australia but globally. It offers a sanctuary to thousands of native plants and hundreds of birds. Some of the stunning sceneries in King Park include the acacia garden that offers a peaceful place for reflection, Mount Eliza that offers incredible view over Perth city, and War Memorial, a tribute to all the Australian’s servicemen.

2. Perth Mint

Perth mint is a fascinating land mark in Western Australia where you get to learn the history of gold in the region. You will be astonished by the world’s largest gold coin, bullion, and gold nuggets. The coin weighs one-tone and forms the centre of attraction at Perth Mint. Equally, you can comfortably ogle the largest gold nugget collection in western Austarlia. You will be treated to the most interesting hourly guided talks focusing on the history and the discovery of gold in the region as well as the rich and diverse history of Perth mint. To wrap it up, you will be able to watch as short film bringing the history of gold of Western Australia to live.

3. Perth Zoo

At the outskirts of city is the delightful Perth Zoo that attracts the young and adults with equal measure. The zoo was started in 1898 and the visitors get to enjoy the diverse and unique wildlife in the Wetland exhibits as well as Australian Bushwalk. The favorites in Perth Zoo include wallabies, koalas, kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, and wombats. Some other fascinating activities that you can do here include feeding giraffes, get to enjoy elephant show, or even ogle orangutans. The zoo is only three kilometers from the city and is easily accessible by bus.

4. Beautiful Beaches

Perth has one of the beautiful beaches in the world. Some of the outstanding beaches in include pine-fringed Cottesole that is only 15 minutes drive right from the city centre. It has crystal clear water as well as thriving café culture. Other favorite beaches include City Beach and port Beach. If you are visiting the area with your family some of the top beaches that are perfect for family include Point Walter, Crawley, and Como.

5. Swan River

Swan River is one of the greatest landmarks in Perth. The locals believe that the spectacular winding curves were created by a rainbow serpent called �Waugal’. Swan River offers an opportunity for young and old to bike, hike, fish, swim, sail, or kayak. Besides, you can cruise to the shore of Swan Valley or to Port of Fremantle. Swan River is simply a landmark that offers incredible beauty.


Perth, the capital city of Western Australia is truly a paradise with amazing land marks. You get to interact with rich history as well as fascinating landscapes. Perth is an incredible travel destination unlike no other.

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