Rock Solid Ways To Get Construction Leads And Get That Phone Ringing

how to attract construction leads for your building business in Australia

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Without a proper construction lead generation strategy, your company’s customer base is bound to dwindle.

The advent of the internet and the digital marketing era has rendered traditional marketing strategies more ineffective than they once were in terms of ROI.

Your potential customers are now looking online for their contractors and design inspiration.

That is precisely where your company should be.

To get construction leads online, you need a rock-solid marketing strategy that will showcase not only your services but also your online presence. The focus here is to create a loyal customer base and build personal relationships with your customers.

Below are some of the best ways to get those construction leads you want and watch your company thrive:

1. Define Your Market

Many businesses have failed because they either don’t have a firm understanding of their niche market or were overextended, trying to make every living thing their customer may want.

In the construction sector, knowing your market is a vital business strategy. This is the initial and most profound way of generating leads that actually convert.

Knowing your marketing means:
• Defining your target customers
• Understanding your competition
• Being informed about the current technology in the construction sector
• Finding and working with potential partners

A great resource to finding your target market and the ideal customer is this usual tool from Hubspot.

how to get construction leads in the Australian market

2. Work on Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

If you already have a company website, your next strategy should be creating content that sells your company and actively attracts customers to you. The potential of content marketing in lead generation is unparalalled.

Your website content should be tailored to generate more leads for your construction company.

However, all your efforts should not be focused entirely on attracting leads. You also need to have a strategy to keep them, nurture them and see to it that they convert. If you work solely on gathering construction leads without actually providing useful help to them, your efforts would have been for nothing, and you would lose potential customers as fast as they came.

3. CTA For Construction Lead Generation

Apart from tailoring your website content to generate leads, you should also use multiple but meaningful CTA’s (Call to Action).

While content works gradually to entice readers into prospective construction leads, a call to action prompts them to take immediate action, such as calling you or signing up for your newsletter.

Simply providing contact information on your sidebar, in as much as it’s important, does not spur the morale to contact you from the prospective lead.

You need something more than an email address on the sidebar. You need to arouse the purchasing intent of your leads by offering them something valuable that will prompt the desired action.

A good offer could be in the form of:
• Informative eBooks
• Free but valuable seminars
• An interesting webinar

4. Search Engine Optimisation

It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore SEO in any exclusive digital marketing strategy. Search engines like Google are informing purchasing decisions of prospective customers.

People are beginning to trust the information they find on a search engine results page more than the plethora of advising banners and popups that have populated the web.

If a potential customer can find your company through a simple search, you have a lead in your hands. SEO helps you to manipulate the search engines to rank your website better so that prospective clients can easily find you.

If done the right way, SEO can be the perfect tool for construction lead generation.

Using the right keywords in your website content is pivotal to any SEO strategy. You need to understand the keywords that define your business, then populate your content with those keywords.

But that is not all there is to SEO.

You need a good link building strategy; this has to do with internal linking, external linking and backlinking. If you can, invest in a professional SEO expert and work together to get your company website found.

5. Track. Track. Track

One thing about digital marketing that rubbishes conventional marketing is the ability to track activities. Every time you get construction leads, you need to monitor their activities.

By following your campaigns, you can learn your customer’s behaviour and make the necessary adjustments to fully optimise them.

Tracking also enables you to make a meaningful analysis of your business and make plans appropriately. All your inbound marketing efforts and CTA strategies would have little meaning without efficient tracking.

Tracking also allows you to analyse how people react to your CTAs and marketing content, and subsequently come up with necessary modifications to your campaigns.

So there you have it! These are some of the best ways to get construction leads, but of course this is not ALL you can do. Lead generation is limitless, and there is a myriad of ways you can use to attract leads.

However, if you start with these tips, your construction lead generation strategy will be on the right path to fruition.


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