How to Promote Your SEO Optimised Content


So we have created our amazing content. It’s super awesome. Okay, there’s 1,200 word long blog posts. We’ve got photos. We’ve got video. We’ve got absolutely everything.

We post it on our website and nothing happens. Nothing happens at all.

Where’s the traffic? Unfortunately, we have to prove to Google that our customers love our content and the way we do that is by promoting it.

So people then come onto our website, engage with it, tell Google that it’s awesome, and then we go up in the search rankings.

Okay? So we can do that by social shares. That’s super easy. But we don’t want to just share it on our website as well– no, sorry, our company’s social media accounts.

We want to get it on other people’s as well. So a great technique for outreaching to other people’s social media accounts is to mention them in your blog post.

So, for example, Heath wrote a great article on our website, Lead Generation Strategies for Perth, and one of those lead generation strategies was go to a coworking space.

So we listed a whole heap of coworking spaces within Perth, we linked to their website, and then we rang them– we didn’t ring them up, we emailed them all and said, “Hey, we’ve mentioned you in this lead generation strategies article. If you think your customers would like it, please feel free to share it.” Guess what they did?

They shared it on their social media, which then we got from– our small social media account all of a sudden got a massive reach, and then we’ve got a huge amount of people coming onto our website within the first hour, two hours, of posting.

From there Google can then figure out from those real people hitting your website whether those customers like it and engage with it.

So if they come into our website and 30 seconds later they realize, “Well, this article is crap, it’s not engaging me,” and click straight off, then Google knows that.

Google understands that and there’s a little bit of a black mark that goes next to your name. However if that customer came onto our specific article, read the article for three, four, five minutes, scrolled up and down reading it multiple times, and then clicked onto another article to see what else was going on,

Google realises that, realises that yes, we are answering a question, we are engaging our customer, they’ll give us a little green tick, and we’ll likely go up in the search results.

Okay? Now another really, really important strategy is SEO is backlinks, all right? Gaining backlinks or links from other high authority websites to ours within our own industry, okay? So for example if we did something newsworthy and we got 9News, 7 News, to auto link back to us– they’re generally high authority websites, right?

They’ve been around a long time. They’ve posted a lot, they know that customers engage with these websites, so if they’re linking to this website, if they’re trusted, they might be trusted as well. And if we got a whole heap of different trusted websites linking to us then that’s basically telling Google, “Hey, all these people trust us. You trust these people. Trust us.” And then that’s where we increase in the rankings, okay?

Now, link building is definitely not about quantity at all. It is all about quality. It is far better to have 10 really high quality, high authority people linking to you than 100 little small websites that someone just created six months ago linking to you. Okay? So it’s all about high authority links.

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Chris Dinham

Chris Dinham

Chris is the co-owner and head of operations at Summit Web. He started his marketing career by buying and selling digital businesses. With a background in creating lead generation strategies, he is an expert when it comes to planning and building full marketing funnels for our clients. Look out for him surfing at Trigg Point or creating informational videos on our youtube channel.

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