Day In Perth Western Australia

A Day In Perth Western Australia

There are a lot of tourist destinations in Western Australia. Gorgeous beaches, iconic landmarks, historical museums and other breathtaking locations are spread all over this region. Probably the most popular city is Perth. Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. Tourists from around the world flock to the city reaching a sum up to the 1.6 million visitors each year.

Visiting the city of Perth

I was in Perth last year(2017) in the summer season.The first thing that came to my mind was sunbathing.Throughout the summer season, sunbathing becomes something to really enjoy in this city. According to my travel advisor, Beaches like the Rottnest Island are at their best during the season and tourist can enjoy the white sand beaches and crystal blue waters.So I went to Rottnest Island to see how true the fact was.To my amusement, it is one of the best Island to sunbath at.

I was also made aware of the chilly air that many tourists go and enjoy during the winter season but sorry for me, that would be a story for another day.

I also learned something from a lady I met at one of the relaxing joints in the city that there are non-working days in Perth where in a majority of the stores are closed such as the Workers Day and Foundation Day.

I also visited some other destinations that fulfilled every desire, the Kings Park and Botanic Gardens and the Perth Bell Tower but the best thing I noted about these destinations is that they can be family oriented, I could observe many families trying to build stronger bonds and share incredible memories together as I strolled along.

Dining and Shopping

Perth CBD has some of the best shopping centers in the country with products ranging from local to imported products, souvenirs, and gift items. Dining pleasure in the city surely satisfied my taste buds with sumptuous local dishes, European, Asian and many more.

Best Place to stay in Perth

After all the fun and excitement in the city, one pleasure that I could find is the wide selection of Perth service apartments that will cater to your every need, whether you are traveling with a group of friends, with a loved one or with your whole family. Service apartments in Perth are usually situated in the heart of the city where almost everything is accessible so you can maximize every minute you stay in the wonderful city of Perth.

Just by walking around Perth I noticed that there are numerous accommodations around the city to accommodate the massive flock of tourist. Over the internet, I would also see numerous accommodation options ranging from hotels to service apartments, one way or the other I was adviced that you will find one even on peak seasons however I opted for the service apartments in Perth.

My day in Perth Western Australia was very successful because I also made some new friends and met many personalities.I remember one who shared some bit of culture of the people of this city and Western Australia as a whole about the Aboriginal culture which led to the birth of around 700 traditional societies.The people here are therefore very friendly no matter the race you come from.Amazing enough, I learned that it is very hard to offend someone in this city.

I would recommend this city to anyone looking for the ideal place for a vacation, alone, with friends or with family.

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