Combining Your Business Goals With Your Website

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Let’s take a look at how we can meet your customer needs when we’re building or redesigning a website.

So often, business owners build a website for themselves. And this is wrong. You should be building a web presence for your customer.

So when designing a website, we want to put into context what our customer wants when they hit our website.

First off, if you’re a service-based business and you get most of your leads and your sales through phone calls and quote forms, then make sure your phone number is bright red and center in the top right-hand corner or smack bang there when they first click onto your website.

Now, there’s nothing worse than going to a business and you can’t find their contact details. What do you do? You go straight off and go to their competitors.

So the simple thing of putting that phone number right front and centre can actually increase sales by a huge amount. Now also, for e-commerce businesses, putting your product right front and centre, your most profitable product or the product you want to push.

Think of your customer as a five-year-old. You need to tell them in very clear, concise language where you want them to go.

So if that’s a service-based business, call or go to the contact phone, or product, buy my most profitable product. For a business like a physiotherapy, chiropractor, make sure you have maps on your website so your customer can easily find your address when they go in for their appointment. Also, a great addition for your customer on the website is an FAQ question.

Figure out what your customers are asking on a daily basis and then write that down in a singular page.

So you can recommend them to that page when they first interact with your business and that could easily answer a lot of the problem questions that you might experience in the next three to six months of the customer interacting with your business.

In summary, make sure when you’re redesigning or building your website, you are building a website with your customer in mind, not yourself. Make sure you like and share this video, and if you want to get in on the conversation, leave a comment below.

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Chris Dinham

Chris Dinham

Chris is the co-owner and head of operations at Summit Web. He started his marketing career by buying and selling digital businesses. With a background in creating lead generation strategies, he is an expert when it comes to planning and building full marketing funnels for our clients. Look out for him surfing at Trigg Point or creating informational videos on our youtube channel.

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