What Is The Point Of Having a Business Website?


Before you even begin to optimise your website for sales leads and profits, you need to ask yourself the question. What is the point of my business website?

Many business owners including some web designers think that building a flashy, great looking website is all that you need. When in fact those flashy great looking website sometimes just turn out to be a very expensive online brochure.

Your website might generate a few enquiries or sales but not enough to justify the amount of money you just put in to create it. In fact you might still be in the dark about how much traffic your website gets, how you website performs as a sales tool and even where your website is in the Google search engine.

Your website should generate customers and leads 24/7. The fact of the matter is, this is just not the case for some business owners.

So what is the point of having a website? Your website needs to generate sales, leads and customers via the Internet. It does not need to look flashy with things firing left right and centre but it’s primary focus is to generate sales to your business.

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