How To Find Out Who Your Online Competitors Are?



Who is your competitors?

You will find that you’re offline competitors are different than your online competitors. If I am a mechanic and I was at a shopping centre and there’s about 3 mechanics about one block distance away, my offline competitor is different because someone driving past might choose a Joe Bloggs because that’s in first they see or you know Joe 2because they see them first.

However, online we might have a big mechanic companies 3 blocks down the road ranking for our town or suburb that is actually our competitor online.

So we have to go online search who our competitors are and the best way to do that is simply manually and your business query into Google

Then what you do as you go to those top 10 results and open a tab for every single website that comes up in the top 10 search results for your product or service.

Get your notepad and start going through competitors websites and trying to figure out what they’re doing right or what you like so you can implement it on your website.

We might see there a lot of websites have quote forms on their website so people around in the top of search results all have quote forms on their website.

They have blogs articles, have their own phone number in big flashing lights etc

However we also might find some things that we don’t like.

I might find out my competitors are not mobile responsive and now we’re thinking ok cool if we build a responsive website that works well on mobile thats an easy win, I am going to start ranking before them easily.

So we figure out what’s working for our competitors.

Now a little bit of an expert tip, if you really want to go further, lets say you can go to Los Angeles or can go to New York and can type in your business or service over there and generally let’s say Americans is far more competitive then we are here in Australia in terms of online search.

So we can then look those top three results and figure out what they’re doing, what they’re doing right and we can bring that back put it on our website.

Its not copying, slightly plagiarising do not copy text at all, outline that do not copy text but we can copy elements, so quote forms etc etc.

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