5 Cheap Things To Do In Perth

One of the largest cities in Australia, Perth offers a great mix of tourism and business alike. The city became prominent in the 19th century due to its gold rush and as expected, Perth can cater to some very expensive tastes.
With such an exotic destination, prices of basic commodities, accommodations and even souvenirs can be anything but cheap. Be that as it may, there are still some fun things you can indulge in while in Perth without breaking the bank, and the following are some of these.

1. Shoalwater Islands

If you fancy marine life , this place is a must visit. The Shoalwater islands abounds in penguins, seals, sea urchins, and sometimes dolphins. There are loads of other activities like snorkelling, scuba diving and occasionally a swim with the dolphins. It is always a wonder to feed the penguins who otherwise come across as very shy.
There is also a ship wreck, the 400 tonne Saxon Ranger which serves as a playground for the diving lovers. The Australian sea lion, which is extremely rare, can be spotted fishing on the seal island, which is a part of the Shoalwater islands.


Here, you can explore the skyline of Perth or just head for a relaxing watch on the swan riverfront. The Kings Park and the botanic garden on the riverfront offer a nice mix of the views comprising of the gentle river, the scenic nature, all topped by the magnificent Perth skyline.
For the thrill seekers out there, you can ride a jet ski, hire a surf cat or just thrown in a fishing line. Other activities include bird watching, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. There is also a 2-day fest where Olympians battle out with each other, which is a spectacle not to be missed.


Located in a heritage listed building, the Fremantle market is known for its vibrant atmosphere and frill vibes. With entry being free, it is one of the most visited places by the locals and tourists alike. There are fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm, some lip-smacking local food offerings as well as live music and loads of traders with the local handicrafts.
It boasts over 150 stalls of food accompanied by live music and a fun atmosphere in the background. If you want to keep a vibrant memory of Perth, don’t forget to take some souvenirs from the Fremantle market.


Head away from the bustling city life to the Lane Poole reserve, a sort of national park filled with loads of fun activities. This place should especially be on the check list of teens, adventurers and anyone who fancies adrenaline filled activities. Rock climbing as well as kayaking, trekking, waterfalls, are some of the activities in this 55,000 hectare park.
There is the Murray River which flows like a torrent in winter and like a gentle stream in spring season, which is great to watch. At the end of the day, you can camp out with your friends over a nice barbecue to make most out of this visit.


After a hectic and tiring day at the city, unwind on the stunning Mullaloo beach. The pristine white sands and the blue waters give a very refreshing feeling, something which can only be experienced in reality.
There are parks and green stretches along the beach coast, offering you the perfect getaway for a family picnic. The kids will never have a dull moment in the many playgrounds adjacent to the beach area. A coconut, a book and the cool waters of the ocean will sure give you the relaxation you need.


Although there are tonnes of activities in the city of Perth, you can always try out the above spots for a nice and quick rejuvenation. From the cool and relaxing beach to the adrenaline filled activities at the Lane Poole park, there is something for everyone in the wonderful city of Perth.

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