Video Marketing Perth: The 6 Best Places To Post For Maximum Results



Are you launching your Video Marketing Perth Campaign and wondering where is the best platform to post on for maximum results?

It’s a question our expert Perth video team gets asked A LOT – and for good reason. With the online space always evolving, where is ‘best’ has changed dramatically throughout the last few years.

So we’ve decided to put together a one-stop list of all the platforms you need to be posting your videos on right now. And while it includes some cornerstone favourites, there are quite a number of under-utilised and super fresh secrets which should see your online growth skyrocket in no time.


1. Youtube

The biggest fish in the pond when it comes to video marketing and an absolute must for getting your videos to market. And for obvious reasons. The stats on Youtube for this year alone are simply mind boggling. For example in February Youtube clocked up a staggering 15,000,000 unique visits in Australia alone. That is a lot of potential customers.

“It’s a fact that 1 in 2 Australians use YouTube” –

So it stands to reason that this would be the first stop for your businesses video marketing campaign.


Our Tip:

Once you’ve created your business account, upload all your videos and schedule them for publishing – don’t just send them all out at the same time. We’ve seen too many business just release everything and then wonder why none of it is gaining any traction. The fact is Youtube will actually reward you for consistency – meaning it’s much better to push for one a week than 10 in 1 day.

This also gives you time to monitor your progress, learn from results and make changes to the campaign as you need.


2. Vimeo


Now you may or may not have heard of Vimeo. And If you have, chances are it was only because you couldn’t find what you were looking for on Youtube. That being said, this platform is somewhat of a little gem, especially when it comes to video marketing – even in Perth.

Yes it doesn’t have the billion monthly users like it’s big brother, but with 240 million views a month Vimeo is nothing to be sneezed at – especially if your Video Marketing in Perth.

In fact we believe it’s actually one of the better platforms for 2 reasons:

1. It has less on site video, meaning less competition, meaning easier ranking

2. Along with Youtube, it’s one of the only video platforms that consistently appears in Google results.

Another very interesting fact about Vimeo is that it is currently the world’s largest completely Ad Free video sharing platform – which means less chance that a pesky add delay could ward off potential customers.


Our Tip:

If you have your Youtube game on point your business should absolutely be on Vimeo. It’s quick, easy, free and you can very easily emulate what you’ve already done – talk about two birds with one shot.


3. Instagram


As I alluded to in my article on free ways to generate leads in Perth – Instagram is all to often overlooked in the marketing mindframe. By a (good) few it’s still seen as a little juvenile, vain and a little too personal for a lot of business.

But if 9 million Australians are on this app every month you can be guaranteed that there’s a customer in there.

What’s more, it’s the absolute perfect place for a video marketing campaign because the platform loves video. In fact posting a video gives you a 24% increase in the amount of followers who see your posts. Even for a business with only 100 followers, that’s 24 more people that you can get in front of right now.

**Admittedly Instagram won’t be the place for long winded tutorials or ‘about us’ videos, but it is the ideal place to post a quick frame about say a ‘flash sale’ or a snappy teaser to a longer video.


Our Tip:

If you’re a business that’s unfamiliar with Instagram, take an hour out to sign up and explore it. It may look challenging at first but the platform is notoriously easy to use (I mean, even the Kardashians can work it out) and in terms of ‘bang for buck’ is well worth the effort.


4. Linkedin


Again this is a criminally overlooked platform for video marketing – especially if your in the B2B field. While it may have started out a little naff, in terms of numbers LinkedIn is certainly no joke. In fact there are 4.3 million active Australian users logging into the service every month.

“Out of all the social media platforms they used, 78% of B2B marketers said LinkedIn was the most successful.” Mandy McEwen, CEO Mod Girl

The best part is that Linkedin is about business and users on the platform want to hear about business – one Linkedin survey concluded that 91% of executives rated this social media outlet as their number one choice for professionally relevant content. This means your videos are more likely to get views than a post on a noisier channel like Facebook.


Our Tip:

Once you’ve scheduled all your video posts on Youtube, record the dates and times and be sure to link the videos straight to Linkedin. Watch Out! Be sure to keep the post length to 40 – 49 words as research has found this to be the optimal number for sharing links.


5. Google My Business

Google my business for video marketing perth from experts in digital marketing Summit Web

If you’ve read my previous article, or watched our quick video on easy lead generating techniques, you will have heard of Google My Business. Actually, if you’ve used Google in the past year you will have heard of My Business.

“It’s easily one of the most unknown and potentially powerful platforms on the list..”

What you might not have heard about is that you can now upload your videos directly to your business page. And this is because it was only released by the Big G this year.

What this means though is that you can now add the great content of your Perth video marketing campaign directly to the world’s most used site. Simply log into your Business Page and upload your content. These videos will appear in additions to your photos – meaning a video right there on the main results pages and on Google Maps! As you can see, it’s easily one of the most unknown and potentially powerful platforms on the list


Our Tip:

As this is a completely new feature (and Perth is kind of a laidback town) a lot of business won’t have taken the opportunity, which means now is the ideal time to jump at the chance. Pass out competitors while super-boosting you video marketing campaign? Can’t get better than that.


6. Video Marketing Perth – An Honourable Mention




“I mean, it’s probably on your business cards already…”

Yes it’s the top dog of Social Media. And yes, it’s important. But with so many organic posts from business simply not reaching followers, Zuckerberg’s pay-to-play platform is not one to lose sleep over. That being said, you can’t ignore it either – I mean, it’s probably on your business cards already (or at least on your website). Plus, potential customers and clients like to see your posting consistently.


Our Tip:

Make a morning of it! Get a croissant and post your videos to Facebook the same time you post to LinkedIn. Make a note of the results on the different platforms.


**Have you done this? Let us know which one you’re getting traction on – join the conversation and leave a comment below!


And that’s it! Of course if we missed anything in Video Marketing Perth that you’re getting leads on – or you loved this article be sure to leave a comment below. And if your a Perth business that needs help with using video to grow your business online feel free to give the guys at Summit Web a call today.

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Sean (Winston) Mann

Sean (Winston) Mann

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