5 Easy, Quick and FREE Ways To Generate Online Leads in Perth



Are you a Perth business owner that is constantly finding yourself looking at the phone, wondering when it’s going to ring? Or wondering how you can improve your market position?

“While we’re sure that the current onset of winter-blues may be keeping some people indoors, the reality is that right now there’s a customer looking to buy something – from a business just like yours.” – Robbie Nolan, Company Director

Unfortunately, at Summit Web we still see too many Perth businesses struggling to take full advantage of our city’s growing online space. And that’s why we’re here to help! Our Team of Online Lead Generation experts have put their heads together and come up with our ultimate top 5 ways to get your business growing and start that phone ringing.

The best news? They’re all quick, easy and (most importantly) completely free.

So without further adieu…


1. Set up a Google My Business Page for your business.


Since its introduction to the search engine’s algorithm in 2013, Google’s My Business Pages have gone from somewhat overlooked novelty to absolute critical part of good online strategy – and it’s pretty easy to see why.



In the Google simplistic world of keywords and limited colour palettes, a My Business page is something that can really stand out. And this makes a big difference. In fact some studies show an increased business visibility of almost 30% in only four months. This dramatic surge is one of the prime reasons SEO powerhouse Moz ranked Google My Business as the number one Search Engine ranking factor.

With it’s noted importance and the relative ease of setup – it’s shocking about how many Perth businesses are either not be aware of it, or simply overlook it.

Which is great news for you! By spending an afternoon getting on top of this one little aspect of your online marketing strategy you’re immediately putting yourself one foot ahead of your competition.

Even better news? This immensely powerful tool is totally free – all it will cost you is a little time.


**Got you convinced? You can sign up for a Google My Business Account here


2. Set Your Business Up On Social Media (Not JUST Facebook).


Alright we know – you’ve heard it before. Social Media is important. Very important. The stats on the amount of daily users alone is simply mind-boggling.

“Yeah – But I’m still not convinced.”

And that’s fine. Actually, you wouldn’t be the first person to question the relevance social media has to business. Sure you can delve into paid Social Media Marketing, but to a lot of Perth businesses it’s irritating, overly complicated, near-on impossible to track and (worst of all) requires a skilled profession to manage.

Frankly all of the above points are completely valid.

But that doesn’t mean that you can ignore social completely. Because, as we mentioned above, for better or worse everybody is on social. This includes your customers. Which means that you need to be too.

“Wait wait wait – I’m already on Facebook!”

Did we mention Facebook? Actually no. But of course it’s the first thing that everyone thinks of.

Just remember as much as the big blue giant dominates our common consciousness, there is life outside of Facebook …plus we know a lot of businesses already have a (somewhat neglected) Facebook page.

However, platforms that are commonly MIA include:



With 4.2 million monthly users in Australia it’s always surprising that SO MANY businesses here in Perth aren’t using the platform (especially if your a B2B). It’s free, accessible and relatively easy to do – so if you have a spare 10 minutes it’s a real a no brainer to quickly created a page.



Ok, of course this works best if you’ve got some videos and if you’re starting to look at video marketing to superboost your leads it’s an absolute must. But even if you’re not – it doesn’t mean you can’t start a page and add your brand logo. Simply being on the platform is enough to build your businesses online presence.



Right, another well known platform, but one often sadly overlooked in the Perth business lead generating mindframe. Yes it is heavily associated with vegan lunches and beach selfies, but a whopping 9 million Australians are on this app every month. Surely there’s a customer or two in there?

What you’re going to gain:

By taking a few minutes to sign up to these platforms and add a logo (even a picture or two) your going to:

  1. Give yourself more business-to-client touching points
  2. Have a better shot at showing up in Google searches and
  3. At least look like you know that digital is important

What’s more it’s really going to help you with…


3. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews.


So now we reach a very integral (and again grossly overlooked) part of the list: The all important review. The great news is that if you’ve got the two points above handled, your going to be in good stead.

It make come as absolutely no surprise that reviews are a massive feature in online lead generation. A lot of people read reviews, and a rake of good 5 star reviews can take a growing business to a profitable business very quickly.



It’s for this reason that the heavily renowned Search Engine Journal named reviews ‘The Most Prominent Factor in Local SEO’.

“Reviews appear to be the most prominent ranking factor in local search, helping businesses rank well even if they have low quality link profiles.” – Matt Southern, Social Engine Journal

Essentially, this means that you need to be getting reviews on your Google My Business and your social media channels (namely Facebook).

While it can be kind of daunting to ask for reviews – it’s actually not so big a deal. You love your business and your proud of your work, and we’re sure this results in happy customers; so they should have no reason to not leave a little review.

Trust us, if you want to draw in customers quickly you need to be getting good reviews online.

Our Tip: 

think about what customer or client you know that was really satisfied with your business and reach out to them with a very simple email.


4. Create a Little Content..



As we alluded to earlier, whether it’s snaps, chats, blog posts or video, people are HUNGRY for content. About everything. So why not give them some?

Take some time to jot down ideas for a blog post, or a video or even a quick facebook update or instagram idea.

Not only will it give you something to post on to potential clients through your online channels, a well constructed piece of quality content can be directly responsible for skyrocketing youronline lead generation campaign.

Plus, it’s totally free and may even be something you enjoy!


***Want to try it out? For how to get started with your content and content marketing in Perth check out our comprehensive guide to creating killer Perth content right here.


5. Try a Little BASIC SEO


how to improve your website ranking on google. Notepad with colour text writing down simple SEO strategies


Last but not least – give some basic Search Engine Optimisation a go. Okay okay we know, optimising your website to climb higher in the results section of Google sounds scary (and maybe a little technical) but trust us, there are a number of ways a busy business owner can start generating leads online by employing some simple SEO techniques.

(**Don’t know what Search Engine Optimisation is? Check out this quick explainer video here)

Hmm, is it worth it?

Well we think so, and this is why: nearly 90%  of Australians searched for a product or service online in 2017. Of that, Google was used in over 80% of these searches. These stats alone should be enough to convince even the most cynical of SEO critics

“Most Aussies, 73% of us in fact, have searched online for a product or service to buy, with 59% having actually made a purchase online (with over a quarter of us making these purchases via a mobile device)” – Carlos De’Spinola, We Are Social.

**If your keen to get started with SEO our team of local Perth SEO specialists have put have a great little starter guide available here.

Just look at Easy Solar Cleaning. They are a solar panel cleaning and window cleaning business, who have seen a sharp increase in their online leads through implementing these techniques. Check them out at: https://easysolarcleaning.com/

And that’s it. 5 quick simple and free ways you can start generating online leads for you Perth business. Of course if you need any help with the tips outlined here or want to find out even more ways to get the phone ringing and the register clinging today, feel free to give the team at Summit Web a call. We live and breathe Perth business.

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Sean (Winston) Mann

Sean (Winston) Mann

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