Simple Steps to Researching your Online Niche [Industry]


So number one. The first thing we do, just like anything we do when we start a new business, is we research.

We’re going to perform customer research and the way we do that online is to search for keyword phrases that we think people are entering into Google when they search for our product or service.

So a customer has a problem and is looking for a landscape designer in Perth. They going to enter landscape design Perth into Google. Then they will be shown a whole lot of results to do with landscape designers. Now funnily enough most people search the same thing. Landscape Design Perth, Landscape Design Australia

But we can figure that out and we can figure out which keyword phrase is being searched the most. So when we tweak our content, we can tweak it to use as a keyword then when the Google Bot comes onto our website and they see the keywords being used a few times.

The search engine understands the keyword is being used a few times. It then links them up with some other keywords as well that are related to it, making the conclusion this website must be about landscape design.

So the way we find those keywords is a completely free tool, called the keyword planner. You can go there yourself by going to Follow the prompts and then you want to go tools – keyword planner

It is completely free. So what we do to figure out our keywords, as we enter our product or service right up the top here, and then we can quickly go down to targeting. Go down to targeting and if your business is specific to Perth then you will enter Perth. We just targeting Perth and figuring out who’s searching for landscape design in Perth.

If you market to the whole of Australia you can select Australia. If you are targeting worldwide, you can target all locations. You can target down to specific cities.

We have entered our product or service, we have entered our location, we can leave everything else the same.

Next we will be brought up with this. Sometimes this can be a little bit confusing but essentially this is your Google Adwords interface. If you were to purchase clicks through PPC you would see this.

You’ll be adding these keywords to your (PPC) list to attract customers via paid advertising. However, as SEO’s we just use it because it is free and gives us the same result.

So over here you see web designer keyword right so web design company will get 30 monthly searches for Perth.

That might not sound a lot. Only 30 people per month searching for web design company but if you couple it with, say we are on the first page for web design company, digital marketing agency, what is digital marketing. All of a sudden those searches start adding up, and we start to acquire a lot of traffic.

So those are the average monthly searches. Now competition, if you talking about SEO do not worry about this, this is the competition of competitive it is to purchase that keyword for PPC (paid advertising). So how competitive it is to advertise for that keyword.

In terms of SEO, it doesn’t affect on how competitive it is to organically rank.

Then over here is the suggested bid. If someone was click on that keyword and I was paying for that keyword to be at the top of the search engine. If someone was to click on it just once, it would cost me $25 dollars.

Someone clicking on it doesn’t mean that they’re gonna convert. So you know we might have multiple clicks before someone even rings us and is, therefore, a lead.

So that’s why, definitely in our industry, you have to be spending over $1000 $2000 per month to get anywhere.

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