Creating Killer SEO Optimised Content For Your Website


Number two is creating killer optimised content. Now by killer optimised content, I mean building content that is far far far better than anyone else.

So if your customer is ranking for your keyword, let’s say top 15 lead generation strategies in Perth then we would create an article saying top 50 lead generation strategies within Perth. Okay, so we absolutely blow them out of the water so it’s far harder for our competitors than to go back and improve their article to try beat us and therefore our article is going to rank longer for a longer amount of time and generate us more leads for a longer amount of time.

All right so that’s where it comes in evergreen content ‘evergreen’ no matter what we post five to ten years down the track it’s still going to provide benefit to our customers.

Now if you’re struggling to find out what is you know what to write about in content, just answer your customer’s questions what are their frequently asked questions?

You know how long does it take to ship to the East Coast? I don’t understand what search engine optimization is.

Just write an in-depth blog post about that. Videos, photos all that sort of stuff.

So we’re creating killer optimized content. By optimised I mean we’ve got to insert our keyword into it so Google can now figure out what that content is about.

So this is how we optimise our content. First off we grab one keyword from that keyword research we did so per page one keyword and we use it strategically all throughout our article.

The article has got to be at least 700 words Plus now it’s a little bit more right so I think the average for an article ranking number one is about 1200 words all right.

But it doesn’t have to be like you know 700 Harry ferry words. What it’s got to be is 700 really high-quality words that really answer the customer’s question.

Okay the, of course, it’s got to be uniquely written and informative, it cannot be copied and pasted from anywhere else on the on the Internet.

It’s got to be uniquely written now our keyword needs to be in our title. So for example here is our keywords responsive web design alright.

So we’ve added it in our title, you see here in our first paragraph, we’ve added in our last paragraph and in a subheading somewhere in the article.

For a maximum maximum 1% density. So for a 700 word article then that keywords got to be in their maximum 7 times.

Now we don’t want to go too much over it otherwise we start going into black hat territory which is keyword stuffing.

Google is really good at understanding now what keyword stuffing is. So if we now try to smash responsive web design in there about 20 times our customer reads it you know we’ve all read those blog posts where it’s like I just don’t understand this because it’s not written for the customer.

Google’s completely abolished that, so now we’re looking to create high-quality content. So 1% density so you know we got the title, first paragraph, paragraph and the subheading.

We only need to put it in three more times so it’s pretty easy, it’s pretty natural.

Now here’s a little bit of an advanced strategy internal and external linking. So the way those Google BOTS travel round our website is by links.

So links so a link is your home page you know, your About Us page, in your menu and these little hyperlinks here so see how that is like blue rather than black which is the rest of the text and generally if we click that blue link we get taken to another page.

Okay so for in this example that blue link takes us to our service page, tells us that we do a web design services, all right so that blue link yes helps the customer in saying if you want more information on this aspect you can read this page.

It also helps the Google bot get around your website and figure out what it’s all about.

Then we can also do external linking so we can link externally to other high authority websites or web pages within our industry that is related to our topic.

Okay so for example if I link to responsive web design, I could link responsive web design to the Wikipedia explanation on what responsive web design is.

Google then says alright so these guys are linking to these people here now they’re all linking to I guess you know related to SEO it’s all related to web design.

These guys must be talking about web design and SEO all right then they start indexing us correctly

So internal and external linking are very important.

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