Why Ranking in Google Images Can Improve Your Leads by 5x

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Google changes often.

If fact, staying up to date with their changes is a full-time job.

But the pay offs of sharpening your SEO sword are 10 fold.

One recent inclusion to Googles algorithm is the featured snippet. If you don’t know what this is: below is an image.

How to rank google images in featured snippet australia

The SEO community call it number #0. If you can rank both your website AND an image on this highly sought after position. Your local traffic is going to skyrocket.

The weird thing is though.

Google sometimes ranks images from a website with text from another website.

Image is being pulled from different website. How to rank google images

An image is being pulled from a different website.

This provides a very interesting opportunity for up and coming websites to “steal” traffic from the top dogs.

In this sneaky post we are going to go through the process of ranking your images in Google images. Hench increasing click throughs and generating more local traffic to your business.


Why is it worth it to rank your images if you are a local Business?


1. Traffic

In certain niches is really important to the users they see the product or the service.

For example, if you’re a clothes shop, or you sell trucks. The user expects to see the product they are researching.

Often times they will navigate to the google images section if they are a passionate buyer, see something they would like and click on the image.

The image then leads them to your website.

E-commerce websites have a huge amount to gain here. Customers want to see the product.

“How to Articles” can benefit as well. When showing someone how to fix something, a couple images are always beneficial.


2. Rich Snippets

There is a lot of discussion about rich snippets in the SEO world. Generally, they are a good thing.

But quite hard to get.

A local service based business featured snippet. Ranking for a featured snippet in Perth, Australia

A local service based business featured snippet


At the start of the article, we mentioned you could “steal” traffic by ranking an image at the top.

It’s far far easier to rank an image than an article.

Imagine your competitor working really hard and getting the number #0 on a rich snippet.

However, you have come from nowhere and ranked your image right beside it. Stealing the traffic for minimal effort.

I’ll take that thank you.


3. Branding

If you put a watermark on your images than it’s an easy way to create brand awareness.

When a customer is researching the product or service they want to buy and your logo keeps popping up, who are they going to remember?


Ranking Google Images (Step by Step)


1. Alt Text

Alt Text is the writing telling Google what your image has in it.

Google can’t read images as good as text so it relies on this alt text to understand what specifically is in this image.

It’s the website owner that writes this alt text, and it is really important for ranking both web pages and images.

Make sure your alt text includes the keyword phrase you are trying to rank for.


2. Content

Google uses the text surrounding the image to determine what it is about. For example, if your image is about dresses, then all the text around it should be talking about dresses.


3. Share The Love

If you don’t already know, Google loves people linking to you. It’s the same with images.

Make sure you share your images around.

Share your image to: Google plus, Flickr, Google Picassa, & others. Link back to the original image.

4. Juice Your Image

Now if you have been coming to our workshops, you will already know the importance of submitting your website to business directories.

Many of these directories allow you to add images.

Add your images in. Of course, include your keyword in the alt text or link back to where your image is hosted.

That’s all there is to it.

Pretty easy and cool huh? Obviously depending on the industry will determine how fast you can rank but generally its much easier than ranking an article.

What do you think? Had any experience with this?

Tell us in the comments.

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