Adwords Case Study: 226% Lead Increase in 6 months.

Crusader Removals approached Summit Web around the end of 2017 with the ambitious goal to grow their company from a boutique W.A. service to an interstate moving powerhouse – Learn how our Adwords Management team made it happen.


Having established their business nearly 15 years ago and with limited success in digital marketing up until that point, Summit Web took a honed approach to online growth marketing – focusing on Adwords to help them (over) achieve on their goals and substantially grow their business in little over 6 months.


Crusader Removals:


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A well established West Australian moving company, Crusader Removals began in 2002 when it’s owners grew frustrated with the average companies and untrustworthy cowboys that plagued the W.A. market.

Deciding to take matters into their own hands, they started Crusaders to provide effective and affordable relocation and storage services in Perth and other communities in Western Australia.

The Challenge:



With increasing competition from large and digitally optimised multi-nationals Crusaders realised that they needed to step up their marketing. So (in haste) they began hiring multiple agencies, re-designed their website and undertook numerous separate online marketing campaigns.

“With new branding, a fresh site and a bunch of agencies on the case, we figured it wouldn’t be long until we saw an increase in traffic and leads.” – Crusader Removals



Even with multiple agencies running their digital marketing channels, a brand new website that took 6-months to launch and a significant investment, the amount of online leads they were generating stayed low.

Nearing the end of 2017, Crusader Removals wanted a change in direction and asked Summit Web to to devise a plan to completely overhaul and ramp-up their online business growth.


Our Approach:


The very first thing Summit Web did was take the time to sit and talk with the owners – developing a business overview which outlined:

Who they were and who they wanted to be.

After a comprehensive digital audit of Crusader Removals business structure, data, past results, campaigns, and website Summit Web identified the problem – with all of the marketing, there was no set structure.

None of Crusader’s marketing arms were communicating with each other, which was leading to confusion and ‘passing-the-buck’ when it came to responsibility for campaigns.


Seeing this, Summit decided to focus on one key revenue raising area to target:


An Adwords lead generation campaign.


In particular, we decided to push all effort into one aspect of the business: interstate removals.

With this sole focus Crusader Removals more than doubled their yearly leads & conversions.

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Our Adwords Management Strategy:


“…a poorly managed PPC campaign can cost more than it brings in.” – Chris Giarratana, Search Engine Journal

Phase 1 – Custom Team Development


The next stage was to develop an internal growth team. We appointed a senior Digital Marketing Coach to act as spearhead and client liaison. Under them we assembled a team of online growth marketing and Adwords Management experts whose experience covered every channel required to achieve success.


This dynamic structure allowed us to rapidly optimise time and allocate energy across all channels, while keeping the responsibility of the campaign singular.

Phase 2 – Research

To provide Crusaders the super boost in revenue they needed our team employed the latest research techniques to deliver a detailed report outlining:


1. Comprehensive market research of ideal clients; their online behaviour with a focus on the purchasing stage.
2. Detailed state, national & international competitor analysis.
3. A list of over one hundred of the best, converting keywords.
4. A list of strategic recommendations for the campaign.


With the research done, we now had a firm understanding of the interstate moving industry and its customers – allowing us to design a campaign with increased certainty of ROI.


Phase 3 – Lead Generating Campaign Build


“Our aim was simple, get phones ringings with customers wanting to pay today…” -Jelena Nuhanović, PPC Manager

Solid research meant our team could develop an Adwords campaign optimised for lead generation. We wanted to get the Crusader Removals phones ringing as quickly as possible, with high-converting clients and for as little adspend as possible.

To do this we focused on:


1. Geo-Targeting

As we were pursuing interstate removals, getting the right targeting was essential to the campaign’s success. Our Google trained PPC manager spent sleepless nights crafting a comprehensive Geo-Targeting infrastructure that was continually monitored during the campaign.

2. Ad Copywriting

Using well-researched buyer behaviour methods, Summit’s content developers crafted Ad copy designed with the sole purpose of driving clicks and conversions from only ideal clients (eliminating ‘tire-kickers’)

3. Device Optimisation

Through our initial research phase we discovered that many enquiries came directly from mobile. So we ensured that all ads were designed with ease of use in mind – including separate mobile A-B group testing.

Phase 4 – Monitoring & Optimisation


Over the course of the next 6 months our internal growth team was able to monitor the campaign closely, making adjustments to continually improve the campaign. Of these tweaks, we found the most successful were:


Addition of Callrail service:



In order to really understand how the campaign was converting we needed to track customers through the entire sales funnel. This meant installing Callrail (a premium call tracking software provided by Summit Web) and having a member of the growth team monitoring sales enquiries and B2C communications. Having this insight allowed us to further tailor the campaign, while delivering invaluable feed back to Crusader Removal’s sales force.


Custom Ad Extensions:


Once the campaign was up and running, we realised that FAR more traffic than we could have anticipated was coming from mobile. So we embraced customised ad-extensions, which meant our ads appeared with a number that clients could call directly. This was then linked to Callrail, delivering a higher volume of conversions and instantly trackable data.



Comprehensive NEGATIVE Keyword Search Campaigns:

To increase the number of searches (and to make sure that we were targeted every interstate removal enquiry), we utilised Dynamic Search. Utilising this technology ensured are Adwords Management team was constantly optimising and improving the campaign through eliminating negative keywords. Keeping the campaign lean and mean.



The Results:



By taking control of Crusader Removal’s online channels, establishing a growth-focused management team and focusing their PPC campaign towards a single goal, Crusader Removals have seen amazing profit growth.

In fact, the last 6 months have been one of the biggest periods of increase they’ve had since they began 15 years ago.


Up to this point in the campaign, our results show:


Conversion Rate up by 226%
Average calls to client conversions up 55%
Interstate bookings up by 115%
Average revenue up


Among the highlights of the Adwords campaign alone:


Average Cost Per Click kept under $10
Over 2,000 clicks
Over 260 conversions.


With these amazing increase in numbers, Crusader’s interstate removals branch is fast overtaking their traditional W.A. services.

However it’s not all about the profits, as the owners will a test – they’re just happy to be providing more people with a high quality, affordable and honest moving service.


But, we guess the profits are still a nice bonus.

Would you like to boost your profits today? At Summit Web we specialise Adwords Management and can help your Perth business grow online – so if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, give us a call! We’re always happy to have a chat.

Google AdWords Calculator: How Much Revenue Can You Make?

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