What Is The Difference Between AdWords And SEO?

Google AdWords Calculator: How Much Revenue Can You Make?


We are often asked what is the difference between AdWords and Search Engine Optimisation .
You see AdWords is you pay per each time someone clicks on your ads, and your ad is generally at the top of google for your specific keyword phrase you’re advertising on. So for example if you’re advertising on “Web Design Perth” we would pay to be at the top. You know their ads because there is a little green box that says ‘ad’ next to the search result.

Now, you can also use adwords for remarketing, or retargeting. So when someone comes onto your website and they may view your product page or service page, you can follow them around the web for a certain amount of days providing them with targeted ads as to what they have looked at. So you might have looked at a couch the other day, and that couch just seems to follow you all that time, that’s retargeting.

You can also retarget using video. It’s very likely that you have been retargeted on Youtube with this video right here.

Organic Search Engine Optimization or SEO is Google providing the best result for that customers keyword phrase. So generally it is below the ads and most of the time customers trust organic search engine rankings more than the ads because they are more likely to answer question better. So while it’s harder and it takes a bit of time to get to the top of the results because you’ve got to build the trust with google, generally you get more clicks than the ads and therefore a better return on investment.

So that’s the difference between AdWords and Search Engine Optimization. They are both great strategies, one gives you instant results and the other is long term results but a better ROI in the future.

If you want to figure out the exact return on investment of a AdWords campaign, click on our free calculator in the description below or in this video.

Google AdWords Calculator: How Much Revenue Can You Make?

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Chris Dinham

Chris Dinham

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