What Does An SEO Agency Actually Do (For Your Business)?


So, you’ve been thinking about SEO for your business.

Maybe you’ve seen our video on What is Search Engine Optimisation, read an article about its continuing effect on the digital marketing landscape or discovered how it can radically grow your business.

Whatever the reason, you’re keen to get started and reaping the rewards. So ready that you’re looking at hiring a team of Local experts to get you results.

The only things is that you have no idea what an SEO agency actually does. Or more importantly why you should pay for it.


SEO Agency Perth Western AUstralia, what does and SEO Agency actually do?


Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, “So what do you actually do” is a question we hear a lot when businesses first approach the SEO team at Summit Web.

Luckily the answer is very simple:


An SEO Agency increases your ranking position on Google.


Meaning that when your potential customers search Google, your business pops up ahead of your competition.


“Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day – that’s a lot of potential customers. ” – Rand Fishkin, MOZ


While the layman’s description is pretty easy to grasp, unfortunately it still doesn’t explain what an SEO company actually does day to day, week to week.

At Summit Web we understand that you knowing what we do is very important. I mean, if you’re going to pay for a service – you need to know exactly what your paying for.

And so our passionate Perth SEO team have taken a little time out to explain exactly what goes on behind the scenes to make the magic of higher rankings happen.

In this article we’re going to touch on the 3 keys an SEO agency focuses on during a successful campaign:


  • On Page Optimisation
  • Content Marketing
  • Off Page Optimisation


So without further adieu…


1. On-Page Optimisation


As the name may suggest, on-page optimisation refers to everything that happens directly on your website. This means everything little thing (from the front to the back end) on your site that we need to tweak to make your it more ‘Google friendly’.


“Fact: A lot of (see: MOST) websites are not correctly optimised for Google searches.


In fact too many businesses that approach Summit Web are often shocked to find that their new (and usually expensive) website is totally lacking in any SEO optimisation and, worse still, may never be found by potential customers.

And that’s where we step in.


Grover used for SEO Agency Perth


At the very start of your contract a good Agency will take the time to do a comprehensive SEO audit – meticulously combing through your site to discover exactly where changes, tweaks and additions need to be made.

Of course while it differs from site to site, some of the most common areas of improvement are:

  • Alt Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Website Copy
  • Slugs
  • Internal Links


After finding out where your site can be optimised, it’s up to your SEO agency to make sure everything is 100% Google friendly. This means sleepless nights and long days tirelessly fixing the most minute of details.


SEO Agency Perth using picture of exhaustion for western australian article on what SEO agencies do


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2. Content Strategy, Creation & Management


So while this part of a campaign technically runs on your website (making it On-Page), Content Strategy plays such a huge part in the day to day life of an SEO Agency Perth that it definitely requires a field all of its own.

And that’s because a strong content campaign is the lynchpin of successful SEO.


Why is that?


Well for one, Google loves detailed, usable fresh content and rewards websites that are able to provide it.

But equally as important: your customers love quality content. All you have to do is look at a content based site like YouTube where people watch a billion hours of video per day to see how hungry people are for it.


“Content is the reason search began in the first place.” – Lee Odden, CEO Top Rank


Really great content works three fold:


  • It drives people to your site – the more people are on your site, the more important Google thinks you are, the higher you rank.
  • It gives you the opportunity to add more targeted keywords to your on-page SEO, increasing your ranking. And…
  • It gives you the chance to build external links to your site, which increases rankings (which we’ll talk about in a minute).


As you can see, focusing time and effort to create a well researched, organised and successful content campaign is extremely important – and so it makes up a large portion of an experienced SEO agency’s day.


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3. Off-Page Optimisation


The final piece of the quality SEO Agency pie is off-page optimisation (ie: everything that happens away from your site).

And while this can include a myriad of things (such as social media marketing, guest posting, influencer shares, video marketing and email marketing) what it really comes down to is:

Creating strong links that direct people to your website (otherwise known as Link Building).


So what’s that??



Link building is extremely important in the world of SEO for a number of reasons:


  • The first is that Google sees other sites (and people) linking to your site and immediately thinks: “Hey, there must be a reason for this – they must have quality content, maybe we should rank this site higher.”


  • The second is that the more links you have, the more likely it is that someone will actually visit your site – which gives a two-fold reward:

    1. As we mentioned earlier: the more visitors – the higher you rank.
    2. Visitors on your site is the reason you’re doing SEO in the first place!


  • The third is that it helps to build your brand awareness and thus your overall market share – which (although not technically SEO) is a massive way to boost your revenue.


However link building takes time and effort. It requires adding carefully worded descriptions to hundreds of legitimate web resources, reaching out to (and creating relationships with) influencers, academics and online blogs for guest posts, managing various digital marketing channels and constantly monitoring campaign data to ensure exponential success.

It’s a full on task – and one that will consume a lot an SEO Agency’s time.


A busy Western Australian PPC expert at an SEO Agency Perth


And that’s it! Your guide to exactly what an SEO agency in Perth actually does during a regular work week.

As you can see, it’s not the easy ‘Silicon Valley’ lifestyle that some think (or some of us in the office would love).

It takes time, research, knowledge, commitment and expertise to properly run a successful campaign – and this is what you’re investing in when you make the choice for your business.


Ready to get started??



If you need any help with choosing the right SEO Agency Perth, or just want to have a chat with some local guys with a passion for helping Perth business grow and succeed online feel free to give us a call or send through an email – our door is always open.

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Sean (Winston) Mann

Sean (Winston) Mann

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