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Asking yourself the four Ws of marketing is so important to your marketing strategy, whether they be offline or online.

To start off, ask yourself, what is your business doing? What are you trying to do?

So often there is a disconnect between the business and the customer in what they are actually selling.

A great example is Harley Davidson. So they sell motorbikes. Let’s be honest, their motorbikes and not necessarily that great, but when the customer buys it, they’re not buying a really awesome long lasting motorbike.

What they’re actually buying is the freedom and the lifestyle that comes with owning a Harley Davidson.

So get very specific in what exactly you are trying to do to help solve your customer’s problem.

Next, who are you doing it for?

Unfortunately, a really, really bad strategy in marketing is to say, I’m gonna market everyone. Everyone is my customer. What you want to do is to be very specific in the customer that you want. That will allow your business to grow.

To generate a good amount of profit and be less time intensive. So let’s get very specific and a great example is creating a marketing persona.

At Summit Web web one of our marketing personas, is a business owner, has two kids, they might be on the second house.

You know, they have multiple businesses. Both businesses might be over a million to two million dollars a year, and that’s a type of marketing Persona that we put all our content out to.

So when someone that fits into that sees our content, they more likely to come back and contact us because we’re talking directly to them.

Now where are you doing it?

If you, for example, are an insurance broker you might only serve as a certain amount of suburbs or cities around you. Ok.

However, if your national company, you might serve all of Australia, be very specific into the way you’re targeting and where the quick wins are, and then you can scale it as you go.

Now next, why are you doing it?

This kind of brings it back to the first question, but why are you doing what you doing?

What is the benefit to the customer?

If a customer comes to you to get a car loan, are they just getting finance, or are they getting the ability to get the lifestyle they want the freedom that comes with having a great car the car and the feeling that they’ve always wanted? You know, when they got their dream car.

So get very specific into why. Why are you doing it, and why does my customer actually wanted to come and purchase my product or Service?

Alright everyone that’s the 4Ws on marketing if you have any comments or questions, jump in the comments below.

And also, if you think that should’ve added any other questions in there. Cheers

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Chris Dinham

Chris Dinham

Chris is the co-owner and head of operations at Summit Web. He started his marketing career by buying and selling digital businesses. With a background in creating lead generation strategies, he is an expert when it comes to planning and building full marketing funnels for our clients. Look out for him surfing at Trigg Point or creating informational videos on our youtube channel.

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