SEO Marketing Perth: Our #1 Local Lead Hack

“SEO is Dead.”


In the world of Digital Marketing, it’s a quote we see often.

And while ‘dead’ seems a little extreme, it does throw up an interesting question:


“Has Google become so intelligent that it’s algorithms are now manipulation proof? If so – should I stop focusing time, effort and money on SEO Marketing in Perth?”


The answer to both is no.


SEO Marketing Perth How to Use SEO


The fact is that SEO is alive and well (and still making people big returns) – BUT it definitely has evolved.

And while we covered a number of the big ways SEO is evolving in Our Ultimate Guide to SEO, there is one changing aspect that is crucial to getting those all important leads and conversions from the Big G. And that is..


Local SEO


You may have heard of it, you may not. But trust us – you will have seen it and used it. And so will your potential customers.


What is Local SEO (and how is it different to Normal SEO)?


Local SEO is a specialised type of Search Engine Optimisation that aims to increase businesses rankings based on the location of searchers – essentially this means putting your business in front of potential customers that are searching for goods and services like yours in your area (be it suburb, city or state).

And while it may seem a little confusing at first glance, the image below is makes it a lot clearer:


SEO Marketing Perth Western Australia


Recognise that box? It’s called a local pack, and it’s packed full of local businesses.

Basically when someone searches for a service or product using a phrase like “Pizza Near Me”, Google will round up all of the pizza businesses in that location and feed them to the potential customer through a local pack box.

And that’s how Local differs from regular SEO. Instead of trying to get website pages and content to rank on a regular SERPs, it’s primary focus is to get your business into that box – and as high as possible.

Why you may ask?


4 Reasons Local SEO Can Help Your Business


1. Customers Love it.


Last year 97% of all online customers used a search engine (i.e. Google) to find a local business or service. Even more staggering is that 12% of these online customers used the service EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Those are huge numbers of potential customers.

And the numbers don’t stop there. A whopping 50% of people who search for local businesses end up visiting or calling in the next 24 hours.


2. It’s Easy To Rank


What’s even more exciting about Local SEO is that, because it relies so heavily on location, you can rank high in the local pack even without having decent organic rankings. AND you’re not necessarily competing with massive brands that tend to dominate organic results.


3. It’s Quick


Another great thing is that you don’t have to wait 6 months to a year to start seeing results (like a regular SEO Marketing Campaign Perth). With just a few quick tweaks you can get your business ranking this weekend.


4. It’s Easy To Set Up


Unlike regular Perth SEO Marketing campaigns that require rigorous set up, monitoring and investment, getting your business to rank Locally is a relatively pain free experience. In fact we’re going to show you how you can get started in just one afternoon.


Our Super Quick Local SEO How to Guide (Get Ranking Today)!


STAGE 1. Get Google My Business

The first step to getting your business ranking for Local SEO is by having a Google My Business. Without it, there is simply no way that you can be in the local pack. Essentially My Business is a very comprehensive (and powerful) version of the Yellow Pages where you can add all your business information.

Luckily it’s a very simple process:


Step 1 –


Head over to the Google My Business home page and hit Start Now:



Next you’ll be taken through a series of different questions about your business. Follow the process and eventually you’ll reach a page that says you need to verify your business:


SEO Marketing Perth Western Australia Google My Business Local SEo Verification


This means that Google needs you to prove you’re a real business; it does this by sending through a postcard with a unique verification code to an address that you specify.

**But it’s my home address! I don’t want people knowing about it!

Don’t worry – you can change or omit the address on your My Business page, you just need one for the post card. Finish that and you’ll be taken to your new dashboard:


SEO Marketing Perth Western Australia Google My Business Local SEo Verification


Step 2 –


Add pictures and video.


SEO Marketing Perth Western Australia Google My Business Local SEo add photos




if you’ve got content ready to go you can add it straight to your My Business with the ‘Posts’ feature. This is amazing as anyone who googles your business will see them immediately – without even having to go to your blog (hello traffic boosts).


Business men Hurray after reading Summit Web's Ultimate Guide to SEO Perth - How to rank on Google Today!


Now that you’re My Business page is up and running it’s time for the next stage in securing your high ranking Local SEO spot.


STAGE 2. Get Reviews


When it comes to Local SEO reviews are crucial.


Why is that?


Reviews build trust. Trust in business is essential. And reviews are the best way that your potential customers have to build this trust. In fact positive reviews make 73% of consumers more likely to trust a local business.

Google knows that. And so it will reward businesses that have more positive reviews with higher ranking positions.


But how do I get these reviews?


The answer is to reach out to your current clients through a quick email or phone call. Simply ask them to leave a review. Keep this approach in mind for all future clients as well. And don’t worry – 68% of consumers leave a local business review when asked.


What if I get a bad review?


Bad reviews happen. It’s part of life. And if it does, the most important thing is how you deal with it.

Start by checking that this is a real review. Make sure it’s a client you know and that has definitely had dealings with your business.

Next address the issue, speak with any one that was mentioned and get the full story.

Then leave a measured and professional reply.




30% of people think that responding to reviews is a key factor in developing trust.


STAGE 3. Start Writing Some Content


The final step is to get some content out! As I mentioned earlier, content can now be added directly to your my business page – which is massive for traffic. What’s more content is the lynchpin to SEO Marketing so having more is always going to help your Perth campaign.

This is because by adding content with keywords and location, Google is going to know exactly what your business does and where. That’s a double edged sword for successful SEO Marketing.

And it doesn’t have to take long – check out this guide we wrote to writing a 1200 word article in less than 30 minutes.

As you can see, if you’re a Perth business owner, Local SEO needs to be one of the biggest weapons in your SEO arsenal. And even more exciting is that you can make it happen right now.

So what are you waiting for? Get the jump on your competition and start dominating in the Perth Local SEO pack today.


More Questions About Local SEO Marketing in Perth?



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