Searching for a fresh look to match her Practice, the owner of Shaolwater Chiropractic came to Summit Web with a rough idea in mind.

We worked closely with Shoalwater to really understand their needs.

The result?

A clean, crisp design that is optimised to achieve Google rankings as well as attract new clients.

website design and development for a chiropractic

Given the competitive nature of the medical industry, Summit Web decided that a strong emphasis needed to be placed on using cutting edge SEO techniques. This would ensure that the practice was found by potential clients, and quickly.

Using a completely design were able to guarentee that expertise of the staff and the relaxed (yet professional) atmosphere of the practice was represented.

Shoal Water Chiropratic Website Build for Mandurah client


Before beginning the build, we took the time to really understand Shoalwater Chiropratic.

And not just in terms of their site needs. We researched the niche, the clients, the competition and created a completely tailored online strategy.

This resulted in a smooth and cooperative experience for the client (and us as well).

Seemless Booking Integration

For potential clients of a medical practice speed and convenience is king. That’s why we integrated a booking system that focused on ease of use – meaning more people booking faster.

100% Mobile Optimised

With a huge numer of Google searches coming from mobile, it was essential that Shoalwater Chiropractic was ahead of the curve.

Search Engine Optimisation

As she wanted to secure new business quickly, it was imperative that we hit the ground running to ensure that it would quickly climbed the rankings. So we installed the latest SEO techniques into every stage if the build process.

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