The 3 kings of Local off-page SEO

the 3 kings of local off page seo and why it is important to your Perth business

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Ok so you have created your beautiful, amazing, customer converter mega business website. You have read up about On-Page SEO and have filled your content and alt image tags with magnificent long tail keywords.

What next?

Sure On-Page SEO can get you 80% of the way to that elusive first page, but what about the other 20%? What’s the ‘secret sauce’ that makes your competitors consistently rank in-front of you?

It’s Off-Page SEO.

Luckily for the local businesses who manage their own website, it’s pretty simple:

Get high authority, local and relevant websites to link to you.

While there are plenty of ways to obtain these links, it really all boils down to the 3 kings – Citations, Press Releases and Guest Posts.

Get these sort of links and you will be well on your way to pushing your competitors off that top spot.

Citations (Business Directories) 

summit web yelp directory which is good for helping your seo in Perth

These are the easiest links to get.

Citations (as the web developing world calls them) are online business directories – sort of like the yellow pages. Their main function is to list together similar companies to help the consumer make an informed decision.

We have all used them in our day to day lives, from buying cars on Gumtree to finding that perfect tradie on Hipages.

As far as SEO goes, Citations are a double whammey. They:

  • Give a valuable link back to your website which helps to improve your trust factor in the eyes of Google. And
  • They also give you the chance to promote your services on a high traffic platform.

Of course you can’t just start banging out just anything on these sites. There are best practises when submitting your information to these business directories that you definitely need to be aware of.

Lets go through them

NAP, Name, address and phone number MUST be exactly formatted across the whole web. In all its amazing power, Google still struggles to understand the difference between Street and St. I guess it’s still a work in progress, but in the meantime keep your NAP formatted exactly how you have it on the website.

What I like to do is create a word document with all my details so I can just copy and paste. Using the auto fill on your browser also works well.

Don’t use the same word for word description of your services all the time.

Mix it up a bit with about 3 or 4 different variations. What I’d suggest is creating a Word document two variations of a 200 word business description. Also create two variations of a 500 word business description. This gives you the chance to add multiple keyword variations.

On that note: Don’t forget your keywords! You need to make sure your top 5 keywords are scattered throughout your business descriptions. Some citations even allow you to add tags to your account.

Press Releases

local off page seo press release

This part scares many people. And rightly so. The ability to write an effective press release can be daunting – but the potential benefits of becoming an authority in your industry are impossible to ignore.

The big problem is that journalists get bombarded daily with articles that are focused on businesses just like yours. For example:

“Company xyz just released a suite of innovative products that company xyz thinks will revolutionise the abc industry.

This product by company xyz has these abc features….”

Frankly, unless you truly do have a new revolutionary product, it’s just not that interesting.

So how can we make an engaging press release for a more traditional style business?

Comment on something already in the news.

Journalists are always looking for ‘experts in the field’ to comment on certain news stories.

That’s why creating a press release about a hot news topic in your industry is a clever way to get your comment in the news. Who knows, maybe you’ll even score a nice little backlink to boost your SEO.

The more you do this, the more likely you are to be to begin to building relationships with journalists. Having a strong relationship means that each time a story in your industry comes up, they immediately approach you for comments.

Guest Posting

local seo strategy for link building in West Perth Australia

Getting mentions on the web is hard, especially if you don’t have something to give.

That’s why guest posting is a mighty powerful way to entice fellow website owners to mention and link to you.

One of the biggest headaches for a website owner is constantly creating content. Articles, infographics, video etc take time. Time that a lot of business owners just don’t have.

So why not help them out by offering to write an article or two?

There are two major benefits to this:

  1. You get a link back to your website. Yay! Boosting your SEO.
  2. Your content gets put in front of a different audience you might have never had access to.

This is insanely powerful, especially if you land a guest post on a large, high traffic website.

Think about it. If you create a quality article that people are loving, more than often they will click through to you website wanting to read more.


You have them on your website and now you can start to put them through your funnel.


While sounding simple these tasks can really be difficult to execute due to the time it takes to complete them.

Not to worry, all these link building strategies are included in Summit Web’s SEO Services, just give us a call to learn more.

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Chris Dinham

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