How To Leverage Newsjacking To Generate More Leads and Sales

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After Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in April of 2011, no one could stop talking about Kate’s wedding dress. Within hours after the wedding, vendors began making near-identical copies or similar styles of the Stella McCartney designed dress.

Even vendors such as David’s Bridal now have a “Royal” category so you can dress “just like Kate.” When something is buzz-worthy, it creates high demand. In situations like this, you can align offers with “what’s hot.”

Companies will often leverage newsjacking for this type of technique and it works very well for offers, too.

As an example, if something is new in your industry, you can create a ebook or in depth video explaining how your customers can take advantage of this tool.

As the tool might be “hot topic” it’s more likely your customer would download your content offer.

Another example is using services like, where reporters look for comments on trending news stories. As an authority in your field you can offer up content to that reporter, often being feature in the article with a link back to your website.

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Chris Dinham

Chris Dinham

Chris is the co-owner and head of operations at Summit Web. He started his marketing career by buying and selling digital businesses. With a background in creating lead generation strategies, he is an expert when it comes to planning and building full marketing funnels for our clients. Look out for him surfing at Trigg Point or creating informational videos on our youtube channel.

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