Expert Round Up – The Importance Of Video On Your Website

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Every month Summit Web reaches out to local experts to get their views on certain industry trends within the digital marketing realm.

This month we bring you 5 expert opinions on the importance of video marketing in your overall digital strategy.

If your an avid Social Media user, a video should be no stranger to you. Wordstream said:

51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

However, we believe most businesses think creating videos is for corporates and companies with large marketing budgets. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Video can be created cost-effectively and efficiently. Making it a great way to quickly create content and answer customer questions before they engage with your product or service.

This “pre-frames” them so when they are ready to buy, they have fewer objections and fewer fears.

the importance of video marketing in your digital strategy in Australia

Chloe Constantinides from Dapper Apps

Why use it?

People love video! YouTube is visited by almost one-third of the total number of internet users across the globe. The stats tell the story.

Video is highly engaging and allows you to get across your message in a short, succinct way. It really helps to simplify something really complex or provide a summary of what your brand/product/service is all about.

How to use it.

Video is fantastic for numerous purposes. You can pop one on your landing page to just introduce who you are and what you do. It is a great tool for running tutorials or ‘how to’ style educational pieces; sharing case studies in a more interesting way; or doing product demonstrations for example.

It is obviously perfect for advertising purposes too.

You should always note that most people watch video on social media without sound, so you should factor this in when creating it.

While audio can add a lot of pizazz and polish, it’s critical to include subtitles on your video when sharing on social channels.

Tips to ensure it converts.

Ensure your video has a clear goal or purpose in mind before you begin creating it. Ask yourself, what story am I telling? Why is this interesting? What is the most simple way I can communicate this?

Most of all, keep it short and make it engaging. Millennials are the biggest consumers of video – they like information fast and want to be entertained. If you’re not compelling, funny, thought-provoking or if you take too long to say it – your video is wasted.

James Parnwell from the TheOnlineCo

People love video

Given the choice, people will choose to watch a video instead of reading a chunk of text. The internet knows this and that is why some reports say that 80% of the entire internet will be video by 2020.

Google likes video

We have seen a number of times that home pages with videos on them get a boost in the rankings. Having video on your site makes it more engaging to people which in turn makes Google like your website more.

Keep people on your site longer

If you have a video above the fold on your website you can direct people to watch it and hold them on the site longer, this reduces bounce rates as well.

Track video watches as an event

Using Google analytics you can set video watches as an event. This means you can essentially track it a micro-conversion, a step towards a customer becoming a full conversion.

Convey your message quickly and compellingly

A video shows you with your personality and passion in a way that text and images can’t if you add music and b-roll footage you can convey greater meaning and emotion than any other medium possibly can.

Include testimonials

You can use your video to say how great you are and then get your customers to agree with you. This builds loads of trust with potential customers and encourages them to give you their business.

Daniel Calleja from Visual Production

Video marketing has changed enormously! Starting my business as a young 20-year old I’ve seen the changes in online video marketing over the past 12 years, this has led me to run a successful production company.

We work with a variety of SME’s, corporates and large businesses all over Australia.

It’s not just about how great your video looks or is produced, its how you’re conveying your message to the online market and if it’s searchable.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Twitter, Google + the list goes on.. each platform requires a unique strategy to ensure your video is seen by the right audience.

Video Marketing for the tourism industry

Most business owners get caught up in the rut and spray content all over the place without a strategy. When it comes to video, work with a production company that understands you and your business to create a video that promotes compelling content for a purpose.

Video is the most powerful online tool to date, users feel they get bogged down in written content so they refer to a short sharp video that demonstrates key points of the business they’re looking for.

You can create an overall business video to your home page (no more than 2-3 minutes) including interviews with the business owner, key staff and a variety of testimonials from clients. Editing this together into a compelling story is key, including footage of your business site and what you do behind the scenes.

Another great way to introduce yourself and your business is a “speak to camera” business video.

This is a short sharp video filmed in-studio usually on a green screen with your branding/logo beside you. It’s a simple tool to help put a face to the business.. Especially if its the first time someone has landed on your website. This video should range from 30 seconds to a minute.

To get the most out of your videos, ensure they’re uploaded separately to each of your social media platforms. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram don’t like it when you’ve shared the link from YouTube or Vimeo accounts.

To get the best result ensure you’ve created a customised YouTube channel dedicated to your business. Share this on your website for better SEO ‘Search engine optimisation’. This will help better your website google rankings. Don’t forget to optimise your YouTube video, think about what your audience would search when looking for a video like yours. Name it and tag it correctly!

These are just some simple tips to get you started, good luck with your next video!

Quentin Aisbett from Onq Marketing

Video can be time-consuming, so you want to give yourself the best chance at achieving your objectives.

That’s why I’d recommend tracking the performance of the videos including how far each viewer is watching them. With the premise being, the longer they watch, the more value you provide. If you have the budget then a video hosting platform like Wistia can provide you with its own in-depth suite of analytics.

Alternatively, if you’re going the cheaper option and embedding YouTube videos on your website, then you can use Google Tag Manager to track your video performances including triggering an event each time someone gets to 25%, 50%, 75% or finishes your video.

This information will help you to identify what videos are providing your visitors with more value because if you can get them to achieve their objective then you will be better placed to achieve yours.

Pam Brossman Author, Speaker and Women’s Mentor listed these insights.

Why you should be leveraging video on your website:

  • Builds rapport and know, like and trust for people who are new to your business and your brand.
  • Your videos show up in Google search results if you use keywords effectively, here are just a few from my video blog posts:
  • You can leverage multiple platforms with just one video ‘you everywhere’. E.g. Shoot live stream on Facebook, embed that live stream video onto your website, send it out to your list and also share using social share buttons to other social platforms.Because you have embedded the live recording any new views continue to increase your view count on FB giving you the ability to retarget viewers via advertising and pixels.
  • You can then take the audio out of the video and publish it to your podcast and then share the podcast on Facebook and other platforms. Download the FB recorded video and re-upload on YouTube and LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc to get more exposure for your business and brand.
  • Always have a call to action in your videos on your website and when repurposing. You never know where people will see that video and you want to drive them all back to some form of opt-in, lead generation or purchase depending on topic and video strategy.
  • Based on these stats from Social Media Today ,there are many more reasons why you should be using video in 2018


What are your thoughts? Have you used Video for your business before or been thinking about it? Tell us in the comments and share it with your friends.

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