How to Improve your Website Ranking on Google | 5 Smart SEO Strategies To Elevate Your Visibility

Learn how to improve your website ranking on Google to stay relevant in the digital age

In a competitive digital world, your website need to focus on staying relevant and motivated by learning how to improve your website ranking on Google. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a deep-rooted web marketing strategy that elevates your website visibility in search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. The concept of SEO has existed since the Internet began, but it has evolved over the years to incorporate a multitude of other channels – as search engines get smarter and competition keeps increasing. SEO focuses on promoting a website to increase web traffic and potential customers.

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How to improve your website ranking on Google – Raising your profile astutely

Follow these 5 ultra smart SEO strategies if you’re looking for ways to boost your exposure on search engines.

1. Publish content that is relevant and resonant with your audience

High quality content is the stepping-stone to a smart SEO strategy. There is literally no alternative to good content, so if you want to elevate the profile of your website, you’ll enhance your website content dramatically. The content you create should specifically cater to your intended customer base to boost site traffic and improve your relevance.

This includes identifying keywords and publishing content that your readers want to read. You’ll need to consider how your readers search for specific information and plan your content strategy accordingly. But keep in mind that you can’t overdo your keywords and stuff them into your content. Search engines are far too smart for that – remember that the best content is written for your customers, not for search engines. Learn how to improve your website ranking on Google by focussing your content on the right targets.

2. Update your website content often

You would have noticed that search engines rely strongly on good and relevant content, so you’ll want to ensure that your website is regularly updated. Search engines want to know that your content is exactly what their users need and regular content updating is an excellent indicator that you are catering well to the needs of Internet users by supplying them with fresh and pertinent content. Take the time to analyse and introduce new keywords that can make you money by generating conversions.

If your website is related to an offline business then there is only a need to create new content about once a month. New content could include reviews about products you use or a detailed write up on one of your services.

If you are passionate about your business then consider creating a blog, like this one! Make sure it is within reason though. For example if you provide a plumbing services chances are your customers would not care about your latest run in with a blocked sewer pipe.

3. Get linked to and from other websites

Google has certain factors that they consider important to SEO and hyperlinks are one of them. You must note that Google considers two-way link traffic – from and to your website, so getting linked must be part of your efforts.

Search engines usually consider your linked words to determine your page content and relevancy, so you’ll want to use links to emphasise keywords. Links from other websites will help you improve your page rank. But how can you do this?

Every business has vendors they work with. Offer them a website testimonial to highlight their value to your business. No business will turn you down and in their gratitude may offer to link some of their content to your website. That’s a win-win situation for you both! Keep in mind that you shouldn’t overdo links, because you don’t want to be spammed for having too many of them.

Press releases are a good way of getting PR exposure and also creating good backlinks. The world of PR can be very confusing so I recommend using an SEO expert to compile these releases.

4. Don’t underestimate the power of social media optimisation (SMO) for SEO

SMO was introduced to redirect traffic from social media to business websites. With the advent of networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram, it has become increasingly important for brands to ride on the social media bandwagon to stay relevant and high in the search rankings.

SMO has grown in significance because of its direct impact on the SEO strategy of a business. A robust SMO strategy will direct traffic from both social media sites and search engines to your website.

5. Improve website usability

Search engines work continuously to please their users, so they take into account a website’s engagement metrics while ranking. Learn how you improve your website ranking on Google by creating a high-quality site that reflects the desires of your customer base.

Your website needs to have elements like overall appeal, easy navigation, proper information architecture and high content quality. You’ll need to create a website that users can easily operate. Keep in mind that Google rates their user experiences highly, so if users seem happy with your website, you will move up the search engine ranks quicker.

SEO is an excellent strategy to elevate your profile on search engines, so follow these smart strategies and learn how you improve your website ranking on Google.

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