Should I Be Using Facebook Advertising or AdWords Advertising?

Google AdWords Calculator: How Much Revenue Can You Make?


We are often asked whether Facebook advertising or Google AdWords advertising is best for a particular business. In this video I am going to take you through the pros and cons of both ways of advertising.

Facebook advertising is really great when you want to target a specific demographic. So what happens is we target a certain person on facebook and then show them the ad. However that doesn’t necessarily mean they are interested in our product. So it works really really great for consumer based products or buying a tshirt, but not necessarily great to appliance repair where you would only search when you need that specific service.

Google Adwords advertising only comes ups as an ad in the search engines when that customer has searched a specific phrase. So for example if they are searching “washing machine repair Perth” then your ad can come up right up the top and therefore you know your buyer is primed to buy.
Facebook advertising is a little cheaper than Google AdWords advertising, but it is not necessarily as targeted as a keyword phrase search through google Adwords.

They are both great advertising mediums, but it is up to your particular business which one you choose.

Now, if you want to calculate the exact return on investment of a potential AdWords campaign, click on our free calculator in the description or in this video.

Google AdWords Calculator: How Much Revenue Can You Make?

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Chris Dinham

Chris Dinham

Chris is the co-owner and head of operations at Summit Web. He started his marketing career by buying and selling digital businesses. With a background in creating lead generation strategies, he is an expert when it comes to planning and building full marketing funnels for our clients. Look out for him surfing at Trigg Point or creating informational videos on our youtube channel.

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