6 Insider Hacks to Get Expert SEO Training For Free (Save Thousands!)

SEO is hard. There’s no denying it. And what’s worse? SEO training can be a ultra expensive!

So what can you do??

Well, while most SEO agencies may just say: “too bad, pay up for a course”, at Summit Web we’re more keen to see your business get ahead in digital than to push you up for course fees.


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And so we’ve put together this ultimate insider list that shows exactly how you can get thousands of dollars worth of SEO training for free.


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So let’s not waste any time here are the..


Six Insider Hacks to Get SEO Training For Free:


1. Google’s SEO Training


Google my business for video marketing perth from experts in digital marketing Summit Web


Start at the source. Given that 90% of people use Google when searching for a good or service, it makes sense that the first place to look for SEO training would be The Big G themselves. And though Google is renowned for keeping everything about their ranking algorithm strictly top secret, luckily they’re also keen to keep people playing by their rules.

And because of this, Google has put together a pretty comprehensive SEO rule guide which is available here.

Unfortunately (like a lot of Google’s customer focused output) it’s both dry and long. However they also have teamed up with the guys from Digital Garage to offer a more interactive and FREE training solution.


Using this open platform you’ll be able to both learn and test your SEO knowledge as well as picking up basics on a range of other digital marketing techniques (think PPC, Content, Social Media etc).


SEO Training Perth Western Australia Free SEO Training Hacks


Added bonus?

Completing the course will mean getting a nifty little Google Certificate!


And now that we’ve been through the world’s biggest search engine – let’s have a look at number 2…


2. Youtube



Ahh Youtube. Home of a million bloggers and a trillion hours of video (and growing). And while endless streams of content is a marketers dream, for somebody looking to learn, such a vast amount of information can be pretty daunting.

And that’s why we’ve done the digging for you. Below are the channels that I use personally to find new tricks, tips and keep up to date with the world of SEO. Seriously, the amount of actionable information on these channels is unbelievable.

What’s even better is that the experts in these videos are offering their years of insider industry knowledge for free. It truly is a great time to be alive and learning.

So here are the…


The 5 Best SEO Channels on Youtube:


1. Brian Dean


When it comes to actionable, comprehensive and well researched SEO tips and training Backlinko.com owner Brian Dean is an absolute cornerstone. From features in Forbes Magazine and the Huffington Post to an expansive career with multinational companies, Dean is a powerhouse of SEO knowledge.

While he doesn’t post as often as others on this list (as he claims he’d rather wait to make “Great content, rather than waste your time with trash.”) when he does, it’s generally gold.



2. MOZ


As the one of the world’s most recognisable SEO companies, it’s no surprise to see Moz’s Youtube channel appear on our list. And it’s not just here to make up numbers – MOZ is constantly putting out incredible and useful content that will take your SEO training to the next level.

Even though some of their hundreds of videos may be a tad technical for first timers, (like their blog) the channel is a goldmine of information – from Whiteboard Fridays with Rand Fishkin to the latest uploads from guest speakers at MOZ Con (their very own digital marketing convention).


3. Neil Patel


If MOZ is one of the world’s most recognisable companies, Neil Patel is surely one of Digital Marketing’s most famous individual faces. After spending years gaining corporate experience Neil has managed build an ironclad network (and reputation) within the SEO world.

Luckily for your SEO training purposes, he’s willing to offer a boat load of that information for free on his Youtube channel. And though he tends to yell a bit on camera (especially through his older videos) trust us, he knows what he’s talking about.




While they may not have the same huge followings as the channels above, the team at AHREFS have stormed in the Youtube SEO scene in the past year – pumping out video after video of great content that you can use immediately to boost your SEO training.

The beauty of AHREFS is that the company builds tools to better track your SEO numbers, keywords and results. And that means data! Yes, all of their insights are backed by tangible, provable data.

And as you may be aware, content with provable data is a definite rarity in the world of video blogging.


5. Summit Web


Of course, while we can’t boast having the mountain of followers that the other channels in this guide, what we do have is SEO expertise focused entirely on Perth business growth. Our videos are made to answer the questions we hear our clients ask, and specifically tailored to taking advantages of the Perth market – because we know that every single market is different.

And even if you’re not based in Perth, the ability to reap the benefits of holes in a local market is the very reason we recommend a local channel playing a vital part in your SEO training.


3. SEO Training Blogs


While they may not have as much production value as their video counterparts, the humble blog is still an essential way to up you SEO training game for free. Unfortunately, like Youtube, one of the hardest parts of using blogs to learn SEO is that there are just TOO MANY available.

Having read a lot of SEO blogs over the course of my career it’s a pain I feel all too well. And so the following blogs listed are only those that I use on the regular and that I know have an output of only quality content.

Even better is that, because of it’s huge importance to SEO, content on these sites is updated almost constantly.


The Top 5 SEO Blogs and Websites:


1. Search Engine Land 


A stalwart classic in terms of SEO blogging, Search Engine Land has been around for what seems like forever. With articles from both it’s in-house team and talented contributors, you can count on Search Engine Land to keep you updated on everything SEO.


2. Search Engine Journal 


Another pillar of the SEO blog community, the Search Engine Journal has been delivering constant SEO news for over 15 years. What’s even better about this site is that it no longer stops at SEO. Beef up on the latest in PPC, Social and Content marketing. Be warned, the quality and quantity of content on Search Engine Journal has been known to absorb entire afternoons.


3. Yoast 


From the masterminds behind the Yoast Plugin (a must-have for all wordpress websites), the Yoast blog is another great place to delve deeper into SEO and further develop your SEO training.


4. SEO Watch 


Another great reference point for anyone looking to enhance their SEO knowledge, SEO Watch offers a huge variety of articles written exclusively by search marketing experts. Not only does it cover things like Social and PPC but actually drills down into specifics of SEO like Local, Mobile and Content.


5. SEO Round Table 


SEO Round Table is worth a bookmark simply because it’s one of the few blogs that actually gives insight to the other search engines that make up SEO (we see you, Yahoo). That aside, it’s also awesome because the majority of it’s articles are taken from expert forums and conventions – which means true insider information.


6. Honorable Mentions:


As noted above I would also advise checking out:

the MOZ blog
Neil Patel’s blog
Backlinko.com blog and
Summit Web’s Blog.

Also great are:


Content Marketing Institue 
BuzzSumo Blog 
SEO Content Marketin Blog 


4. Seminars & Workshops


If the online approach just isn’t for you, seminars are easily the best way to get your foot in the door and your SEO training started. I know what you’re thinking: “Oh man, those seminars and workshops cost SO MUCH.”

And it’s certainly true that some do. But a lot don’t. Or they cost very little (in fact our latest full day SEO workshop cost only a $10 charity donation!).


So how do you find these free seminars and workshops?


1 – Eventbrite


Eventbrite has events of all shapes and sizes and is probably the best way of finding free or cheap workshops where you can begin your SEO training.


2 – Meetup


Use the search function and check what’s available for SEO.


3 – Facebook


Again, the little search function on Facebook is a great hack for finding the closest SEO seminar or workshop in your area.


5. Podcasts


Back online! If you’re not so keen on reading an endless amount of blogs and just don’t have the time for video – Podcasts an excellent way of keeping up your SEO training. They’re also super entertaining.

In fact at Summit Web we listening to podcasts constantly – mainly because no one can ever decide on a song and it’s easy to tune in and learn while you’re getting other work done.

And while we’ve tried a good few casts at the office, the following is a list of the best ones that focus on Search Engine Optimisation.


The 5 Best SEO Podcasts:


1. SEO 101


2. Search Engine Nerds.


3. MozPod


4. The Recipe for SEO Success


5. SEO Bits



6. SEO Forums


The last insider hack to getting SEO training for free is to head to a forum. While it may seem a little ‘reddit’ at first – forums are an amazing way of asking questions and getting clarification on things that you don’t necessarily understand yet.

BE CAREFUL: Although great resources, like any other forum, these forums are not always vetted. Therefore we recommend doing proper due diligence before trying any of the methods that you may come across (usually guaranteeing huge ranking gains etc.). This will ensure that you’re not getting into black hat SEO territory.


The 4 Best SEO Forums:


1. The Warrior SEO Forum 

2. SEO Chat 

3. SEO Mastering Forum 

4. The BIG SEO Slack Forum (note: You’ll need Slack to join).


And that’s pretty much it – the six insider ways that you can get thousands of dollars of SEO training for free.


Still Unsure?


Of course, if you have had a look over these resources and are still struggling to understand SEO, feel free to give our team of Perth experts a call. We’re always keen to help Perth businesses like yours get ahead in digital.


Know of any other resources that we have missed?


Leave a comment below and we’ll add it to our office rotation!

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