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full digital marketing case study for Perth Appliance Repair in Western Australia

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This is how Perth Appliance Repair was jump-started into the digital age and what you can do as well.

When it comes to the massive impact on the number of leads that can be generated using a combination of Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), we keep our clients well informed. They understand that this increase in traffic to their website needs a design and build that can convert the high volume of leads into sales.

When Summit Web started, we saw that clients needed to generate leads and to convert them into sales. Business owners want outcomes and this is how we deliver.

Phase 1 – Strategy

When talking to our clients, we agree that planning your way to success is not only an important business investment but also a critical factor in a high-performance marketing campaign.

It’s not a big stretch to understand that a website producing strong results for one business, would not necessarily work as well for another business. Perth Appliance Repair is the perfect example.

When a washing machine stops working, there’s an urgency for the household to function normally. Facebook wouldn’t be the obvious place to search for a repairer because it’s not designed to work like a business directory.

A phone number that books a washing machine repairman within a few hours is needed, so you can visualise a stressed homeowner turning to Google or Business Directories to quickly and easily get hold of those numbers.

We guide our clients through a questionnaire which gives us a full understanding of how people prefer to contact their business for enquiries, sales and customer support.


example of some of the questions we ask a business to better learn about their ideal customer.

Example of some of the questions we ask a business to better learn about their ideal customer.

To fully understand how a customer prefers to contact a business, we have to sit down with the business owner and ask a few questions.

This includes questions like:
From the following example questions, consider how you would answer these:

  • How does your business stand out from competitors?
  • Who contacts your business first:
  • Male or Female
  • Age
  • Demographics?
  • What are your goals and limitations?
  • What are the products or services that you generate the most profit from?
  • What are the products or services that you personally want to provide, based on your ideal customer
  • Describe the sales process that your customer goes through, leading to a sale or retreating to a lost sale.

Perth Appliance Repair gave us a full understanding of their ideal customer and the type of services they prefer to sell. Based on everything they revealed about their business, we recommended a strategy to them.

Website Structure

In a website structure you can visualise the most important navigation points and we plan for what will be at the fingertips of website visitors.

In our example, the call to action was to have people phone Perth Appliance Repair, so we provided a quick and convenient “click to call” feature. This directed people to make contact as soon as they wished, increasing the likelihood of them making a call.

Many people will arrive at a website from a mobile device, so it must perform exceptionally well for mobile users, who expect:

  • Fast loading speed
  • Very simple navigation
  • Clear and obvious calls to action
  • Click to call buttons.

For Perth Appliance Repair, the bulk of the website traffic was to be mobile users so the website structure was created for this.

Site Map

As part of your strategic planning, you can visualise high-level navigation and the flow of the website using site maps. When someone visits your well designed website, they feel comfortable and find it easy to get the information they want. Unfortunately, many websites feel clunky, hard to use and people don’t stay for long, representing lost selling opportunities.

Fewer barriers mean more leads and sales.

Search engine rankings are also affected by navigation and flow, not just your potential clients. As stated by Google:

“Build your site with a logical link structure. Every site should be reachable from at least one static text link”.

You want Google’s crawlers to navigate easily around your website as this is how they “find” and index your pages. The faster your pages get indexed, the faster you will get to the top of Google.

wireframe for building out a website

Only one type of service is to be explained on each service page. This makes it clear that the business specialises in these areas and this makes it obvious to Google what the page should rank for. Washing machine repair is targeted to rank for washing machine repair keywords. You would not give Google crawlers dishwashing repair keywords on this page.

When you make navigation and flow easy for your customers to understand, it’s easy for search engines as well.

Phase 2 – Design and Build

With the brief complete and knowing you are happy with the structure and high-level navigation, the design and build stage begins.

Home Page Design:

Home page layout of a business website

There are many factors to consider in creating your homepage design including the type of business and the demographics of the customers most likely to buy from your website.

On the wireframe, we use to create the structure we made reference to creating large call to action buttons. These would stand out in red, with no other red features to compete with. The people visiting your website get to know to click on red when they are ready to interact with you. For a “call to action” it’s good to be obvious and right at the fingertips.

Gateway to other pages

The gateway to all of your inner pages is your home page. Most people will navigate around multiple pages before making the decision to click on the call to action.

You need to make sure all of your inner pages are accessible from the home page including service pages, reviews and the About Us page which is the second most visited page!


The words you have written for the website are key to online sales. People visiting the Perth Appliance Repair website are in a rush. If there is an emergency with their appliance they need it fixed urgently. Your copywriter has to satisfy their needs quickly and keep people engaged through a couple more steps to finally click on the call to action button, which dials your number.

Words like:

  • Quick
  • Same Day
  • Insured.

These build confidence by implying that Perth Appliance Repair will understand how urgent this is and will have the experience to fix the problem to a high standard of workmanship.

Such words are used high up in the text so that people just skimming to see if they have found what they are looking for will be satisfied and can now read in more detail or contact Perth Appliance Repair to discuss the details. For people who are reading all of the content, the important words high up in the text make the main message very clear to them.

Addressing urgency, experience and quality of workmanship will increase the likelihood of the person calling your business.

Phase 3 – SEO Optimisation

You have selected a skilled team to design, develop the website and write the words. It’s now your SEO team’s job to ensure it rockets to the top of the search engines.

Why SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is a really powerful way to get more potential customers to view your website. It is the process of designing, building and optimising your website so Google, Bing and Yahoo place you at the top of their page 1 results.

Most people do not scroll past page 1 and there have been studies finding that over 40% of clicks go to the top results.

The ideal customer for Perth Appliance Repair would most likely be using search engines such as Google to find repair services. This illustrates how important it can be to build in high-quality SEO practices from the beginning. This is how you can do it.

amazing seo results for a seo agency in Perth

1. On Page Optimisation

In Phase 1 Strategy Planning we reviewed finding and targeting specific keyword phrases. Now is the time to insert them into your website.

Let’s explain why you do this.

Google doesn’t actually search the internet when you type in your enquiry or search. Google searches its own index. It creates an index of websites by sending out little programs called bots or crawlers which search websites to get an understanding of what they are about.

A problem occurs when the Google bot cannot understand what your website is about and therefore doesn’t index it correctly. The purpose of on-page SEO optimisation is to ensure the Google, Bing and Yahoo bots can understand your website.

Most Important Points of On Page Optimisation

Finding your keywords is explained in the following video.

Adding keywords to your page:

  • Insert your keyword into the page or post. Try to add it 5 times, but take care to blend the keyword with the text. Too much repetition of the keyword makes the text look like it was written by a machine and then it’s not interesting for the reader
  • Ensure the keyword phrase is included in the title of your page or post
  • How to use a keyword phrase with an H1/H2 header 
  • Include the geographical area you are targeting in the page or post
  • Sprinkle some variations of your keyword that people might search for. If you are targeting washing machine repairs, include washer repairs in there as well.

Linking Internally

With your keywords inserted throughout the website, you need to make sure the search engine bots can easily navigate, find and index all of your pages. They find their way around a website like humans. They use links and menus to search and then index.

You need plenty of navigation methods for both people and bots to easily find everything. The faster you get indexed, the faster people will start calling. Here is a graphic of how quickly we were able to index Perth Appliance Repair pages.

index status of an seo campaign for a Perth business

2. Google/Bing My Business Page

Google My Business is a free tool to help businesses be seen in their local community and it manages their Google presence. Below is an example of the tool when you search for Summit Web.

summit web google my business page to help increase seo in Perth

Top Reasons for Using My Business Page

  • Tells search engines where your business is based and what areas you service
  • Verifies your business with Google/Bing, giving a strong signal to the search engine that you are a true and trusted business
  • Takes over the search results when someone searches your brand name making it less likely a competitor can “steal your users” on a brand name search
  • Customers can review your business and give feedback. This shows other people that you have a happy customer base willing to refer you
  • Clearways to get in contact
  • Get directions to your business premises
  • See your business hours.

Claiming your business page is the first step in a local SEO campaign. Google and Bing are mailing out encoded postcards to verify you are actually at that address.

With a time frame often being 2 to 4 weeks, it’s good to get on top of this process straight away.

3. Building Brand Mentions

An important ranking factor for search engines is the number of times your website is mentioned on the web. It needs to be done strategically. It would be a mistake if you randomly created a large number of links to your website.

The goal for Perth Appliance Repair was to ensure they were mentioned on websites relevant to appliance repair and that were trusted sites.

Business directories are a great place to start, including:

  • Yellow Pages
  • Local Search
  • Pure Local
  • Yelp Australia
  • Hot Frog Australia
  • Star Local
  • Go Guide
  • Aussie Web

summit web yelp directory which is good for helping your seo in PerthAlong with business directories, you may build some niche specific backlinks. In our example, we found websites that directly talked about appliance repair and found ways to link back to them.

Social Media

The customers of Perth Appliance Repair expect an established business to have social profiles, so the pages were built for Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and a few more.

Even though research showed that most enquiries would come from search engines, that doesn’t mean you would overlook social media.

Phase 4: Boosting Leads via AdWords

When your website goes live, you want to hit the ground running. For Perth Appliance Repair an Adwords campaign was built and managed that produced so many leads that it had to be slowed down. A great problem to have in any campaign.

Return On Investment (ROI) is the most important factor of your campaign. Below is an image of a live dashboard that you log into to check your campaign progress.

adwords dashboard for case study in Perth

Not bad, right? Your point of focus should be Cost per Conversion. It costs Perth Appliance Repair $1.52 to convert a customer when using our Adwords management.

That’s a huge result when comparing it to the average profit on each repair call out. While unable to disclose actual figures, we can advise that the profit margins are good.

Top 4 Ways To Build Results

1. Geo-Targeting

Just as our Adwords research team found, you may discover suburbs that cost far less than average to generate traffic. Perth Appliance Repair is a service company and these suburbs would generate enquiries, so we pumped more of our budget into those advertisements.

2. Ad Copywriting

The simplest story is about a problem which becomes unbearable and the hero is able to solve it. It’s how deeply you describe the problem, illustrate the unbearable and how uplifting you make the hero that makes or breaks your adverts.

3. Device Optimisation

When your team can identify that most emergency enquiries would be made through portable devices such as phones and tablets, you will see how important it is to create adverts that view well on smaller screens. Your “click to call” button must be easy to access.

4. Budget Optimisation

In your initial research you would identify the maximum amount you could afford to spend to acquire a new customer. That knowledge can be used to create maximum clicks for the cost and helps to stay within the advertising budget.

Summary and Results

Website planning, design, building and promotion needs to be seamless.

The work of our teams on Perth Appliance Repair brought amazing results. Below are the latest SEO rankings. Over 43 keywords are on the front page with 30 of those lead generating keywords in the top 3 positions.

amazing seo services perth results for a Perth city based company

And here are our stats from our Adwords campaign. 2088 calls just from Adwords alone!

2000 adwords calls from Summit Web's adwords management team.

By the way, those dips in the graph are because we had to reduce the ad spend because the business couldn’t handle the number of leads.

Creating these results has set Perth Appliance Repair up for a very successful future. Onwards and upwards!

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Chris Dinham

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